Reflection Paper On COMS 201

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At the beginning of this class, students were warned about coming into this class with a certain mindset. Students were warned not to have the preconception of thinking that COMS 201 would teach them how to manipulate others into doing what they wanted. Guilty of this mindset I attempted to trick myself into thinking that I did not have that mindset. Getting through the first few modules on theory was difficult. I remember asking myself, “What did I sign up for?”. After getting through the first few modules I began to enjoy what I was learning, so much so, I caught myself referencing what I had learned in COMS 201 in other aspects of my life. Not before too long all of the modules became hard to keep track of in my head; thus, making…show more content…
It is one thing to have the knowledge of “the practice of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive”. What I am persistent to do with that knowledge is what is important. My biggest take away is that I need to get on the balcony. By being on the balcony I can see that is it really the bold guy with the dance moves who starts the party, not the DJ. Silly to me that I never realized that is where I needed to be, that is where people could find me in a real life party. A year from now I hope that is still where I will be, looking for new data and learning more about myself in new circumstances. There will always be more to learn, although every once in a while I will have to intervene in situations that will make me uncomfortable. To carry on improving on the skills I picked up during the course of this class, it will be crucial for me to reevaluate the goals I set for myself. I plan to reset them all and provide myself with a timeline to achieve the goals. KU offers a minor in leadership studies and this classes is the foundation for all of those leadership classes to come. This class will be impossible to forget as I move forward in complete my minor. I will be using what I have learned in this class still three years from, it is kind of

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