Badaracco Leadership Analysis

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I believe that the character Tony in Badaracco chapter 6 “Can I resists the Flow of Success?” best epitomizes the transformational leadership style. Tony is the leader of a law firm who commits a serious crime and is not caught. However he ends up hating having done this and against everyone’s opinion he goes to the authorities and confesses. This not only puts his life and his families lives in danger it also destroys his professional life which he has built (Badaracco pg. 119). Throughout this chapter Tony exhibits transformational leadership by ultimately doing the right thing in the end. Tony and his business partner Max take a bride from the Mafia in order to pay back other creditors. At first this excites Tony making him feel as if he is actually living. Prior to this Tony has merely been going thru the motions of day to day life feeling at times like a windup toy (Badaracco pg. 125). His decision begins to eat at him and he knows he must do the right thing if he can ever live with himself again. His family tries to talk him out of his decision to confess, but Tony rejects all of their advice. He is not afraid of the Mafia, he is searching for the best way to change himself (Badaracco pg. 128). Throughout his journey from model citizen to criminal Tony’s leadership style takes on the transformational leadership style. Transformational leadership is a process that changes and transforms people. Transformational leadership is concerned with emotions, values, ethics, and standards (Northouse pg. 185). Tony is struggling to do the right thing and make up for what he has done. Northouse states that transformational leaders want to be inspired and empowered to succeed in times of uncertainty (Northouse pg. 185). Tony wants ev... ... middle of paper ... ...rting style, or delegating style an effective leader will know which style to use with each person or group. I believe to be a successful leader it is important to not just focus on one particular style, but to incorporate many. If you take a few high points from each style and learn to mesh them together you should have a better understanding of leadership as a whole. This class has taught me that being a leader is a lot more challenging than people may think. Leaders have to wear many different hats in many different situations. To become an effective leader you have to work at it. It may come easy to some, but to others it is a skill that is shaped and molded over time. Different experiences and situations help mold leaders into who they become. I hope to use the different styles we have learned about to mold me into an effective leader in today’s society.

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