The Benefits Of Online Shopping Vs. In-Store Shopping

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With the development of technology and the internet, online-shopping gradually comes into our lives, and it becomes more and more popular. Now, online shopping competes fiercely with traditional in-store shopping. The passage will analyze and compare the merits and demerits of each of the shopping methods. Their advantages are generally equal, and their strengths and weaknesses form a complementary relationship.
Online-shopping is more convenient and effective than in-store shopping. People can shop online without the restrictions of time and place, but in-store shopping can not accomplish it ( Li, 458). As long as there is a network, consumers can select products online 24 hours a day. Furthermore, vast majority of online-shopping platforms have built their own search engine people can do the catalog search when they shop online, so they can find proper …show more content…

It is determined by the physical store's own conditions and the shopping processes. First, in-store shopping has a lower risk of goods quality being poor. Because consumers can see, touch and do related activities before purchasing in physical stores. So consumers can know whether the products satisfy their need. However, online shoppers can not have any contact with the goods before they receive goods, it probably results some problems. For example, goods do not match the pictures and description, merchandise is fake, etc ( Dennis, 223). This seriously affects the shopping experience.
Second, there are some problems of logistics in online-shopping. Most of online goods need to be transported. So people have to wait for a long time before receiving goods, and sometimes the shipping costs are high. Worse still, the integrity of goods cannot be guaranteed in the process of transportation (Li, 461). But consumers can get goods immediately in physical stores, it is so important for some customers who need products right

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