Shopping Scams: The Problem With Online Shopping

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Do you remember a time where you overheard a family member or friend complain about receiving the wrong package or not getting one at all after purchasing an item on an online store? Well, I sure have and the process isn 't so easy-going. Some people enjoy the idea of shopping while others may hate the process of buying things. More than often, people try finding the easy route of having to go buy items they need with online shopping. Some may say that online shopping is convenient and less time consuming but they have never taken the time to try it out for themselves because they know the side effects of ordering online. Three main problems that people encounter with online shopping would be receiving the wrong item, dealing with…show more content…
Online shopping scams are more highly to occur than those done face to face. Online shopping scams involve scammers pretending to be real online sellers with either a fake website or a fake ad. They may be selling a well-known product for a ridiculously low price and insist on immediate payment of the product. Like for example, there have been times where people have claimed they were selling designer bags like, Vintage Gucci, and marked them for half their price. In this certain situation, most people know that the bags are fake but others will purchase this item and get ripped off because they didn’t know any better. Sometimes the seller may even ask to send the money via wire transfer which can lead you to lose the money or never see the item purchased. This problem causes people to have security issues when dealing with any online shopping websites that are legitimate. For example, I once ordered a Kylie Cosmetics Lip kit from this website called maraca where anyone can sell just about anything. Usually, the real lip kits sell for almost thirty-eight dollars but on this specific website they were being sold for fourteen. Of course I knew something was not right but decided to purchase the product anyways, however, when I received the product it was nothing…show more content…
More than often, the lack of full cost disclosure never gets mention when you are purchasing an item online. You may see something that cost seven dollars with fifty cents but when you go check out the item it will add additional charges to the total like taxes and shipping. Shipping charges depends on where the item you are purchasing is located at and may range from possibly two to three dollars to ten dollars just for the shipping. Some online stores may have this special promotion that says “Buy one, get one half the price” but in reality that is not always true because they will have this hiding fee. For example, when I was ordering a pair of shoes online there was a special that stated that if you buy a pair you will get the other one half off which was a good deal with how much each pair cost. After selecting the second pair I was ready to check out my items, but as soon as I saw the total it was as if my total doubled amount. What the promotion didn’t state was if you spent more than one-hundred and fifty dollars then you can get the other pair half off.
In conclusion, although, some people may know about these setbacks they continue dealing with the hassle of “avoiding” traffic and long lines but more than likely they will encounter these problems and ask themselves if it was worth
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