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  • Website Proposal

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    1. Female 2. Age: 15 years up 3. Internet-aware professionals and community members. 4. Current, former, new and return users of the facility. BUSINESS CATEGORY: Clothing ORGANISATION NAME: SUREEPORN WHY PEOPLE COME TO MY SITE My website is an information site intended to tell visitors about fashion. My site does not sell products online because it is not intended for e-commercial purposes. WHAT VISITORS SEE STRAIGHT AWAY WHEN THEY ARRIVAL SITE We have a moment to make a good

  • Website Research

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    Website Research Over the past few years, with the help of modern technology, people have obtained access to virtually anything they desire at the simple click of a mouse button. Now, information can be accessed through various websites without having to visit a library, go to a store, a friend's or relative's home, or even travel agencies. The Internet is for all people- regardless of age, race, ethnic background, class, or religion. When it comes to marketers and which strategies will be

  • Evaluation of a Website

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    Evaluation of a Website What has a hippo in common with a feather?” “What is the longest place name in the world?” “Can green ideas sleep furiously?” “Rim ember us poke in cent tense all mow stall ways con deigns word snot in then did.” These are just a few of the topics you will find under A Web of Linguistic Fun. Phantom Linguist, Bucknell University Professor Robert Beard, provides a unique collection of “fundamental subdisciplines of linguistics”(1). The website introduces linguistic

  • Website Evaluation

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    published by anyone. In order to reap the full benefit of having the use of technology for any purpose, there are five basic criteria’s one must keep in mind as an evaluating tool for deciding whether or not the particular website is a reliable source for information. Website Evaluation The first criterion that needs to be met for doing research or using the internet is authority. you should cite these The author of the web page and their qualifications should be clearly identified. This will

  • Website Design

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    Websites designs are always changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Website designers must always keep up with the latest trendses and looks. You could think of website design like clothing facion were you must always have the best a newest things. The unfornet thing is that the website owner begins to stop thinking of looks and begins think of other thing like content. Although the content is important design is is agreeable more important than one thinks. Lets quickly look at a typical

  • Website management - I'm making a website on Mobile phones the website

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    Website management - I'm making a website on Mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures. WEBSITE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 I'm making a website on Mobile phones the website will include mobiles from different manufactures, these will be Nokia, Motorola, Erickson, Siemens and Samsung and through these u will be able to access the different models these will all be on separate pages and I will also include a separate page on mobile phone accessories, their

  • Networks and websites

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    Networks and Websites. Steve Jobs once stated, "What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds (Griggs)." Computers and the Internet are full of exciting things, but it takes a lot for something remarkable to happen. There are so many opportunities available on the Web, but first there needs to be a connection. Networks such as LANs or WANs need to be available, then the Internet needs to be connected to a network

  • Tesco Website

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    Tesco Website Tesco has expanded rapidly in the past ten years and has become the largest supermarket in the country. The growth has been based on a sound strategy of customer focus, expansion of services and goods, and domestic and international expansion. The purpose of the website is to create value for customers and to earn their lifetime loyalty. Tesco’s success depends on the people who shop with them and also the people who work for them. If the customers like the website and find

  • Website Ownership

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    understand that there will be a hefty bill for saving your life, but you don’t expect for them to tell that they you could only clear two valves out of five. Now the average client or customer believes that when they hire a web designer and purchase a website that they also own the content, code and copyright along with the license. Now let us look at the two main components of Web site design: page design and dialog design. Page design comprises elements that can been seen through a browser: text and

  • Website Review

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    Website Review I decided to review websites focusing on philosophy as a final project for this class. The main reason I chose this challenging task is because I am a new computer owner and this has forced me to truly learn how to use the internet. The list that was given out in class was a helpful start. I did manage to link to other sites by simply "playing" on the computer and typing in key words. The following sites are the ones I have chosen to report on. Enjoy! The Philosophy Site