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In today’s era “INTERNET” is playing a significant role in our daily life. People can walk through the internet to one who is actually living on the different side of the planet, can send mails round the clock, search information & even buy things online. With this invention of internet there is a shift in traditional way of shopping. Now there is no need to open a physical store. One can be active at any time and place and purchase products and services. The number of users of internet is increasing day by day which means that online shopping is increasing. Various characteristics of online shopping is making it more convenient for the customers, as compared to traditional way of shopping such as the ability to view and purchase goods and …show more content…

For instance they can purchase anything at any point of time without going out to any physical store; they can compare the prices of the product from different websites and can purchase from the site where they are getting cheaper; it also saves time; customers can also avoid pressure when having a face to face interaction with the salesperson etc. We can summarize these factors into 4 categories: 1. Convenience: Online shopping provides convenience to the customers as it is available around the clock and is open 24*7. Many people choose to shop online because they could shop after hours, when traditional stores are closed & also they want to avoid traffic jams, crowds, waiting lines etc. Customers not only see products available but also online services that are provided to them. Good service will retain the customers for longer time. Some people want to avoid face to face interaction with the salespersons so they do online shopping. This is true for those people who have had negative experience with salesperson or they just freely want to make decisions by themselves without interruption of the …show more content…

Available goods and services: Customers are benefitted from online stores as they provide more variety of goods from all over the world than any physical store. All the brands are available. Most companies have their websites to offer goods/services online, no matter they have any front store or not. Many traditional retailers sell certain products only available online to reduce their retailing cost or to offer customers with more choices of size, color etc. Also, online shopping sometimes offer good pay plans and options for customers. They can decide their payment amount and date in their own convenience &

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