Difference Between Online And Online Shopping

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Online shopping has given any and all types of consumers the ability of being able to buy anything. Also any type of item or product ,where it is location is an any . The people don’t have any limited of his hous or current place to buy anythink from the world . When I search I found , Electronic business is terms which can be used for any kind of business or commercial transction that includes sharing information across the internet . The other side we talked about tradtional shopping still allows for more ground to the consumer in terms of being . The rsearch quation for my project is what are the differences between online shopping and tradition shopping.

Review of Literature :

-Shopping is a word that conveyances
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1. Conducting e-business 1. Purchase spare parts and provisions from other companies 2. Cooperate in auctions promotions. 3 - Conduct the joint research. The electronic business called (acceleration)

-Most of the governments have business knowledge and information economy. Electronic systems now work in the design of their operations. Business is more than how companies interact with business or customers or suppliers to speech how they work internally.

The governments constantly strive to improve efficiency and profits and introduce new markets to gain modest advantages through the development of business
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There are many difficulties response for example, easy shopping, traditional shopping and electronic businesses in general.

Is internet shopping easier for people? Online shopping was easier for 30 students as the bar chart shows. It wasn’t easy for six students because of some difficulties’ such as, lack of choosing, complicated shopping and missing product information.
Overall, most of the student fined online shopping easier to be used.

The graph describes the difficulties in electronic businesses. There are many difficulties responses such as, easy shopping, traditional shopping and electronic businesses in general.
It is velar that most of students agree to use online shopping, 15 of then chose (B) reflecting agree. 9 of them are neutral. Student who disagree and those who straggle agrees are the same.


E-commerce is a trade, selling and buying through the Internet and includes large and small companies are traded in social networking programs or public institutions.

The title for my project is different between online shopping and traditional shopping . I have benefited from this research
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