Importance Of Online Shopping

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Online shopping basically provides the way consumers go shopping and purchase services and goods with reasonable price on the Internet. For some consumers, shopping and purchasing online have become part of their daily lives, while others may not even care about it.
The primary objective of this project is to study the importance of Online shopping. The importance of the online shopping is to determine through two important factors. The first important factor is to know customer perception about online shopping. The second major factor is to find out the factors influencing the customers to go on online shopping.
 Population size : > 750
 Sample Size : 150
 Sampling Technique :
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Limited Scope: It is one of the remarkable demerits of online shopping when one is to buy a trifle items or rare used items.

Online shopping malls and department stores. Shoppers who like the variety of stores that malls have to offer but can't stand fighting the crowds, the obvious alternative is right at their fingertips.
Online shopping uses computer and a connection to the World Wide Web; consumers can visit many major department stores to buy a broad range of products and not even have to leave the comfort of their homes.

E-Commerce & Shopping
Many consumers avoid the hassles of in-store shopping by doing the majority of their shopping online. Articles, such as books, clothing and house wares, easily purchased through E-Commerce websites have become a popular and profitable business since the Internet was created. Busy lives and the need for two-parent incomes have made the need for online shopping a necessity. Find out more about E-Commerce and online shopping and how they benefit your
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