Compare And Contrast Shopping Online And In-Store Shopping

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Online and in-store shopping is different in many ways. However, they both serve as convenient ways to shop. Online shopping has been a convenience for me, but I like in-store shopping as well. I feel the way people choose to shop changes depending on the situation. I have come to realize that many people are shopping online more and more rather than in-store shopping. Shopping online has been very convenient for people whose time is limited and don’t have time to go to the store. If you’re life centers around an online atmosphere such as an online profession or college classes then online shopping can be more convenient. It also has many positives in that you don’t have to catch the bus, commute, and also reduces time it will take walking…show more content…
I prefer to purchase products from online stores who offer a vast amount of variety and sellers. This gives me many options to be assured that I am getting the best price possible. Being frugal and shopping for the best bargain, it requires comparison of prices and research. I have in my experience found that the best prices are online, but that is not always the case. Online stores will at times mark up the retail price of an item for double price. When the product isn’t marked up, we as the consumer will sometimes incur high shipping costs. Therefore, the consumer has not really saved with an online purchase. This product could have a better price in retail…show more content…
A lot of the time products you see online are not always what is represented in the final product a consumer receives. Also with online shopping you don’t have the option to speak in person to resolve an issues about your purchase. I haven’t had too many bad experiences with in-store purchases as I experienced with online purchases. Shipping seems to be the flaw in online consumer shopping. I have experienced long delays in product shipment. A times I received broken items or a different product altogether. In the store you can see the product for yourself, but online you are left with one option a few pictures of the product. Sizes may vary and differ from the actual tangible product you will
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