Persuasive Essay On Shopping In Store

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Around Christmas time all people have a different way we like to go about shopping. Some like to stay in the comfort of their own home. While others like to save every little penny they can and some shoppers like to get in and out of the store as fast as possible. There are three types of holiday shoppers, the online shoppers, the bargain shoppers, and last but not least the man on a mission.
Customers like to stay entertained while hunting for the perfect gift. Shopping in stores can be boring at time causing the customer to shop online in the comfort of their home (No One Is Talking about a Major Reason That People Aren 't Shopping for Clothes in Stores). Online shopping can be more exciting to people than going into the actual store.
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Bargain shoppers like to save as much as they possibly can, they are the penny pinchers. Bargain shoppers only shop the mark downs (The Sales Hunter Sales Prospecting Negotiating). These customers will shop frequently but only shop the discounts. The money saving customers look for the money saving deals (6 Types of Shoppers: Which One Are You?). They hunt down deals it does not matter if they are online, in newspaper, magazines, or discount books. They will find the lowest price that is around their area if not in the world. Bargain shoppers take there time making sure they are not spending a penny more than they have too. The bargain shoppers stick to a strict budget (Infographic: 6 Types of Shoppers and the Brands They 'll Pay More For). Penny pinchers like to only spend so much and get what they need. They usually put their family 's needs above their own. Although Bargain shoppers take a lot of time finding what they will buy, some shoppers make a quick trip to buy a few specific…show more content…
They wants to grab what they need and get out of the store and back home in no time at all. These shoppers have time goals (6 Types of Shoppers: Which One Are You?). Most of the time they know how long it took them last time to get what they needed and get back out. They like to beat each record the have it gives an adrenalin rush. The Man on a Mission goes and gets what he needs (6 Types of Shoppers: Which One Are You). They do not make any extra stops in the store just looking around and wasting time. They get what they need and get out of the store. If you were with the man on a mission it would be a terrible idea to stop at the shoe department when they are grabbing something from the clothing department. They would probably leave you because that is not on their agenda. Also, they go in knowing what they want (6 Types of Shoppers: Which One Are You?). They already have an idea of what they are grabbing when they leave their house. They tend to be organized because they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Wondering around the store like a chicken with their head cut off is not how they would describe their shopping trip. Although, the Man on a Mission does not seem appealing to everyone, once someone shops a certain way they are usually set in their
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