Professional Nursing Practice Essay

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Realising Professionalism in Nursing Practice
Professional and effective nursing practice is reliant on an effective therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). The term professional nursing practice can be defined as “a system that supports registered nurse control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered” (Mark, Salyer, & Wan, 2003). The Professional nursing practice involved appropriate and effective behavioral and attitudes that contribute to improved outcomes for both the patients and healthcare providers. This essay will strive to highlight the capacities and the importance of professional behaviors and attitudes of nurses by analyzing a YouTube video using available
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The set of anomalies that nurse Nicki displayed can be organized into three categories: crossing professional boundaries, ineffective communication, and unprofessional image. The term professional boundaries can be defined as a myriad number of limits that enables nurses to develop a therapeutic relationship that protects both the nurse and the client (Niezen & Mathijssen, 2014). Professional boundaries are vital in effective nursing practice as they enable people to have a legitimate control in a relationship (Niezen & Mathijssen, 2014). Nurse Nicki’s communication approach showed vulnerability to boundary problems which will ultimately impact negatively on both the patient’s care and the nurse’s professional image. Another anomaly category that came in strongly throughout the essay is ineffective communication. Nicki used inappropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills while communicating with the patient ‘Ashleigh’. She referred to the patient as ‘kiddo’ and made inappropriate facial expressions. Furthermore, she did not undertake any the steps of the nursing process (such as assessment and diagnosis). A study conducted by O 'Hagan et al and published by the Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN), suggest that nurses…show more content…
According to Minnaar, nurses who wear jewelry such as ring are responsible for infections such as S. aureus and bacilli (2008). This said, nurse Nicki could develop and spread infection and can put herself and her patient in acute danger. Another important thing that must be noted is that failure to ensure the patient’s safety can result in potential legal consequences and lawsuit for both the Nicki and the healthcare provider she is currently employed at. Many research has shown that there is a strong relationship between the nurse’s communication skills and the patient’s outcome and satisfaction ("Impact of Communication in Healthcare | Institute for Healthcare Communication", 2011). Poor communication is unsafe as misunderstanding can lead to misdiagnosis which ultimately put the patient in danger. Nicki did not listen to the patient’s complains about her pain, didn’t show a sign of empathy. Thus, it can be said that the progess of time might have worsened the patient’s illness. Nicki’s lack of respect and low communication capacity might have resulted in profound effect on the patient’s health. In all healthcare settings, time plays a virtual role. Nicki’s ineffective and inappropriate use of time and her phone is purely linked to professional image and reputation. As seen in the video Nicki neglected her duty to prioritize the patient.
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