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Nursing in the 1900s to Present
Genaro Merino-Sedano
Gurnick Academy of Medical of Arts

Once upon a time, my best friend, Bryan Martinez, often heard his mother’s medical conversations with friends. One day at school, our teacher confronted Mrs. Martinez and told her that she was able tell that Bryan was a son from a nurse. Apparently there was an incident at school where a little boy was acting out and Bryan told our teacher that the little boy was agitated, and to give him some medication to calm him down. As demonstrated by Bryan, nursing is ongoing profession that promotes the health and well-being of individuals.
The art of this profession has evolved since the era of King Henry VIII, when one person just cared for
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According to O’Neill (2014), the beginning of nursing began in the 1500s (pg. 1). Back in those days, nurses visited patients at home and they were directed by priest-physicians (O’Neill, pg. 1, 2014). The perception of people getting sick was often believed to be associated by a sin or it was god’s will for the patient to be ill. Therefore, priests were also known as physicians. However, there are other people who believe that nursing profession began in the mid-1800s with the work of Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was an English woman who felt that god sent her to be nurse in this life. Her extensive devotion towards this profession made her an icon in the history of nursing. Her belief towards nursing is our framework to or nursing practice. Her beliefs are the following: nutrition, fresh and clean environments, identifying and meeting the patient’s needs, nurses should be directed to health and illness, and continuing education about nursing (O’Neill, pg.2, 2014). These…show more content…
Aside from Florence Nightingale, there are other icons in the history of nursing. For example, some important individuals are Virginia Henderson, Dorothy Johnson, Martha Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Sister Callista Roy. These icons believed that the goal of nursing is to help clients, reduce stress, to help identify their needs, prevent illness, and promote health (O’Neill, pg. 4, 2014). All of these principles play a major role in the nursing profession. Some other their frameworks or principles are involved with the fourteen fundamentals needs, 7 behavioral subsystem in an adaptation model, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, evidence-based practice, primary caring, advance practice nursing, cultural competence, holistic approach, primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention (O’Neill, pg. 4, 2014). These changes has improved and reformed many aspect of
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