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When I am older I would love to be a Nurse Practitioner, I enjoy helping people when they are sick and taking care of them. Another reason I want to be a Nurse Practitioner is because my sister is also a Nurse Practitioner. According to (2003-2017), a Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice Registered Nurse who has more responsibilities. Nurse Practitioners prescribe medication, examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment for the sick or diseased. The Typical things they do or the typical activities they do depend on what work category the Nurse Practitioner is in, Some order diagnostic testing, view results, while some act as a Primary Caregiver when a Doctor is not around or available, while others keep up with…show more content…
According to, The Primary Job Duties include: taking the patient's history, performing physical exams, ordering laboratory tests and procedures, diagnosing, treating and managing disease, prescribing medications, coordinating referrals, performing certain procedures and minor surgeries, and lastly providing patient education and counseling to support healthy lifestyle of behaviors. According to, The Educational Requirements to become a Nurse practitioner is that you must have a master of science in nursing which will take around three years to complete this course, which will include core courses in pathophysiology, health assessment, and advanced pharmacology. According to To be a Nurse Practitioner you also have to complete a few courses in Doctor of Nursing Practice. Some programs often include advanced courses in leadership, population health, and typically culminate in a final capstone project. According to, 3 schools that would have these programs are:…show more content…
You also can't be rude or shy, you have to have a good attitude towards people even if they have a bad attitude towards you because you don't know what they are going through or what is happening with their family, maybe someone in their family were diagnosed with a terrible disease or sickness, or maybe even someone passed away. You also have to have a good appearance. You have to wear your nursing uniform or whatever you're supposed to wear for your occupation. You have to have short unpainted nails and nails that are natural and not fake. The reason for that is because you could get stuff under your nails or germs and spread it to other people without knowing, another reason is because you have to wear gloves and the nails could poke right through the gloves and if you're dealing with body fluids then that person could get you sick if they have any illnesses.You also have to have natural hair color or hair that is not distracting to others. You can't have your hair all in your face or looking all crazy. You also can't wear too much makeup because it could also be very distracting. You have to show up to work on time always and you have to be dependable, have respect, a great attitude and you cannot have any wrinkles or holes in your occupational uniform. Some characteristics you have to have are Enthusiasm, Empathy,

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