Registered Nursing Essay

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Registered Nursing

Saying that you are a registered nurse is a broad statement. Registered nursing is a job that has many aspects. Registered nurses work in many different settings and they carry out many different routines. As a registered nurse you could be exposed to many different opportunities. My goal is to be a registered nurse but, I need to learn a lot. Becoming a being a registered nurse requires a lot of hard work and effort but, if I focus on my goal I will be able to achieve it. Registered nurses can work in many different settings and can perform many different procedures. They are required to perform many different jobs for their patients, Registered nurses are required to, “administer medication, consult with other healthcare providers, monitor patients, educate individuals and family and be responsible for managing medical records. They must also stay up-to-date with new tools and technology to help provide the best care to patients and families,” (Heinrich). If I want to become a registered nurse these are some procedures I will need to learn and know to how to do because these are things registered nurses do everyday. In addition to …show more content…

To become an registered nurse I need to have at least an associates degree in college. If I take the time and effort to have a bachelors degree then I can get better jobs and earn more money. ("Here’s What You’ll Study in a Registered Nurse (RN) Degree Program"). An education is the first step to becoming a registered nurse. In college I will take classes that will help me learn more about being a registered nurse. Another way to help me specialize as a registered nurse would be to intern so I can watch a professional perform their daily routine as a RN so I know what to expect. This job will throw many things at me and I should have qualities as a person that will help me do my new job

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