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620 words

What is the central component of advanced practice nurses (APNs) direct clinical practice and patient/families? According to Hamric, Spross and Hanson (2005), “advanced practice nursing is the application of the expanded range of practical, theoretical and research based- competencies” to provide patient care in different settings (Pulcini, 2013). Advanced practice registered nurse APRN is a nurse that completed a graduate level program that can practice as a certified nurse practitioner, (NP) certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), clinical nurse midwife (CNM) or clinical nurse specialist (CNS) (Scope and standard, 2010). To be licensed to practice as APRN, they need to pass a national certification exam and maintained their license via recertification through continuous competencies. …show more content…

Age groups who can receive treatment from NPs are from neonate to elderly Adult. They can manage either acute or chronic illnesses. Additional job description of NP is their ability to provide comprehensive assessment, establish differential diagnosis, treat, order and interpret laboratories and diagnostic tests or even prescribed medication. They can also make referrals to other specialty areas (oncology, psychiatric etc.) if furthers assessment needs to be done regarding patient health status. An NP can be involved in health promotion and disease prevention by providing education to patients and their family about disease processes (Advance practice, “n.d.”). In contrast, CNS practice is more focus in education, consultation to other disciplines, research conduction, improving quality of care, and administrative role. CNS also provides direct patient role but NPs spend twice as much time providing direct care. CNS is more likely to teach, conduct support groups and provides psychotherapy in daily basis to health care staff (Lincoln,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that advanced practice nurses (apns) direct clinical practice and patient/families. aprns must pass a national certification exam and maintain their license through continuous competencies.
  • Explains that nps provide direct clinical practice to patients and their families. they can manage acute or chronic illnesses.
  • Explains that certified nurse-midwives are advanced practice nurses with additional training in delivering babies and prenatal and postpartum care to women. they can administer anesthesia during surgical procedures.
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