Nursing : A Career To Be A Registered Nurse

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I chose nursing as my career. I will study to be an RN or registered nurse. A registered nurse administers and organize a patient's care, educate about health conditions, and provide support and advice to patients they are caring for. I chose this career because I love helping people, and i've always wanted to work in the medical field. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. Depending on what you specialize in will depend where you work, RNs will work in hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, or you can serve as a nurse in the military. Work hours will of course vary depending on where you work. With most facilities the patients need constant care, the nurses will work shifts to meet the “round-the-clock” needs. At almost all other establishments you will work the normal business hours. A registered nurse has a number of responsibilities including “Assess patients’ conditions Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms, administer patients’ medicines and treatments, set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans, consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals, operate and monitor medical equipment, help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results, teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries” (“Registered Nurses”).There are many different types of RNs, some will specialize in helping addicts, newborn children, people with disabilities, or some intensive care situations. A nurses starting salary is higher than starting in other fields because there is always a need fo... ... middle of paper ... ... classes that you can in high school. Explain your Plan to Reach your Career Goal This year my goals are keeping straight A’s and to complete my computer repair and networking class with certifications. This year I plan on keeping an A in spanish and english III, that means plenty of studying in spanish because i'm the farthest thing from fluent. I am currently taking computer repair and networking at EOC because I want to be able to get a good paying job while i'm in college, to do that i need to pass my certification tests at the end of the year. Next year I need to take a history class and English IV. I will be going to EOC again to become a certified nursing assistant, that will give me some experience in nursing. Goals are the same for next year, I need to keep straight A’s. Then i need to start applying to college and fill out scholarship applications.
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