The Importance Of Nurses In Nursing

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The medical field is vital to society and is will always be in need of a medical staff. Nurses are a crucial part of the medical team and are the ones responsible for the care and safety of patients. Nursing requires great communication skills, responsibility, patience, and dedication. Many nurses are social and like to care for others, enjoy thinking on their feet and problem solving, and excel at collaborating with others. These skills help a nurses work efficiently and are often the best skills suited for this profession. Nurses are health educators and advocates for patients, families and communities. "They have a unique scope of practice and can practice independently, although they also collaborate with all members of the health care…show more content…
"Registered nursing duties may include: consulting with physicians and other healthcare professionals, establish treatment plans and operating medical equipment, and administering medications and treatments. Nurses also have numerous possible areas to specialize in such as neo-natal intensive care, cardiac care, neurologic care or dermatology, with a diverse patient population."(What Nurses Do) Nurses not only responsible for patient care, they also observe and record patient behavior, physical appearance, diet, and abnormalities. All hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and clinic require a type of medical charting and reports. Nurses must be able to work with different medical system browsers and be able to identify the care plan for a patient and record it properly. Because patients in hospitals and nursing care facilities require round-the-clock care, facilities need a nurse on staff at all times. Nurses in theses setting usually works shifts covering all 24 hours. They may work nights, weekends, and holidays, and often may be called in or be on call. Today, registered nurses are relied upon for their critical-thinking skills, and are expected to possess a much broader base of knowledge, including humanities, social sciences, and data…show more content…
According to your specialty and demographic, your annual gross will fluctuate. "In 2015, the average registered nurse made fifty thousand dollars annually in North Dakota. "In the state of Minnesota, the average registered made a hundred thousand dollars per year. With experience, good performance, and continuous education, registered nurses can move to other setting or be promoted to positions with more responsibility".(Occupational Outlook) In the nursing field there is always an opportunity for professional and educational growth. Hospitals including, Sanford, Essentia, CHI, Mayo Clinic, and Avera, are the leading employers in the mid-west region. "These hospitals employ 60,000 registered every year, and always on the search for exceptional registered nurses that will be a great addition to their hospitals." (Registered Nurse)
The nursing field requires physical stamina, organization, compassion, emotional stability, and very detail orientated. Nursing is a major part of the health care system and are a viable part to patient care and safety. They are not only care givers, they are friend to confide in, advocates for patients, and emotional support. Registered Nurse implement orders given by other health care providers and assure that their patients are given the best care possible. With the rapid growth in employment, registered nurses are insured a job for a long time. Registered Nurses