Understanding the Varied Roles of Nurses

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The definition of a Nurse according to Webster’s dictionary (2015) is, “a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in the hospital”. Nurses come in different degrees and experience. The most common nurses seen in nursing homes, hospitals, and medical offices are Certified Nurse Assistants, Registered Nurses, and a Nurse Anesthesias. In this field, nurses deal with every type of patient that comes through the hospital or office doors. These are the people patients talk to and see the most considering the doctor is either careless, occupied, or sleeping. Nurses can have several to little responsibilities depending on their personality and where they work. Either way, nurses have a big job: taking care of people’s loved ones. …show more content…

Three specific reasons draw me to this profession. One reason is that my mom always came home from the hospital and told me stories about her patients. She is a Respiratory Therapist, so she would complain about nurses. I decided not to go her route, but instead become a nurse and help Certified Nurse Assistants, Phlebotomists, and Respiratory Therapists fulfill their job. The second reason is as a general Registered Nurse I can work anywhere from a nursing home to a major hospital and in different sections as well. For example, I can work as a telemetry nurse, practice travel nursing, work alongside surgeons as a surgical nurse, and become an office nurse. Furthermore, having the credential of a Registered Nurse allows me to explore several opportunities. Last reason I chose to be a nurse is that nurses are always in need and I will have a stable job until I decide to …show more content…

Their names are Amanda Miklus and Michelle Richardson. Amanda has an Associates degree in Nursing and is working on getting her Bachelor of Science in Nursing because hospitals now require nurses to have a Bachelor 's degree. Some duties Amanda performs as a nurse are “measurement of wounds, vital signs, patient education, assisting with debridement, case management and wound dressings” (personal communication, November 10, 2015). Her advice to future nurses is to get a Bachelor’s because going back to school because the degree requirements changed is not fun (A. Miklus, personal communication, November 10, 2015). In all reality, it makes sense, as people grow up they get married, have kids, buy a new car, pay off student debt, and buy a house. All those responsibilities combined with having to go back to school is not a fun road to take. Amanda also stresses people to think about nursing not as a paycheck, but as a service to other people because “ There are a lot of angry people we deal with. It’s a no thankyou type of job. You have to be okay with knowing you did everything you could do to make a difference and save a life. And you don 't always save the life and don 't always make a difference because patients can be stubborn. You can get bit, kicked, hit, thrown-up on,

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  • Explains the definition of a nurse according to webster’s dictionary (2015). nurses come in different degrees and experience.
  • Explains that they chose to become a registered nurse because of their mom's complaints about nurses. they can work anywhere in the nursing home and in different sections.
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