Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

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In the near future my goal is to further my studies; in the nursing field as a Registered nurse. Personally, my main objectives to become a Registered nurse are, to help save the lives of other, accomplishing my goal, and living life more independently. These are the qualities that would best describe personality: enthusiastic, loving, caring, compassionate, honest, and a cheerful individual. I grow up to have deep passionate love for people, especially those that are unable to help themselves on a daily basis. I always vision myself attending to someone’s rescue; that is in danger or in critical condition. What I have noticed from a long time ago; is that the nursing industry is one out of many that devotes their time, patient, and input hard work and effort to help meet the need of others and make a difference. Providing the assistance and showing love for others on a daily basis; is the best way to show people you appreciate and care for them. Accordingly, my dream career (a Registered nurse) is specialized to work in many different areas in the nursing field. Emotional stability, compassion, and caring attributes are very important, often time nurses’ deal with stresses including emergencies and human suffering. Being a Registered nurse you are required to …show more content…

And I think that holding a position as a Registered nurse will help me financially and in many other areas of my life. Registered nurse is said to be making over $63,750 annually, depending on the industry you work in. This is a great amount to live a less stressful lifestyle; that is why know hard work brings success. My financial stability will encourage me more to thrive harder to help save people's life in my work place and those that are around me, in my society. I can afford to purchase a beautiful and cozy home. I would be at the advantage to have privacy, and also feeling comfortable in my quite

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