Gand Case Study

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The ways companies use to keep employees been informed and engaged in the workplace is significant, good communication could be effective and stimuli the business. Nowadays, many companies have begun to use social and mobile collaboration tools that are altering the ways we build company culture and increase productivity. In this section, we are going to use GIANT as an example.
An effective communication plays an important role in GIANT. It can help in many ways such as product development, customer relations, employee management, business operations and many others. Besides, it is also they key of success in an organisation. Business communication is successful when the people exchange information or express their thoughts. That is the reason why employees spend most of the time receiving or
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The ability to exchange information or conversation with others is crucial to the success of GIANT. Employees can speak out their ideas instead of waiting for the management to make an innovation or give out ideas. When employees know there will be response and feedback from GIANT, they are more likely to contribute their ideas. Moreover, different management level thinks differently and company will get fresh ideas. This is where the company can spot potential people for promotion or performance appraisal.
In addition effective communication leads to a strong teamwork. This can increase the ability for employees at all levels of organisation to work together to achieve GIANT’s goal. In addition, information flows easily between employees and interaction of employees will increase too. Thus, employees are able to understand the strengths and weakness of each team mate. Communication also provides a positive work environment and employee feels comfortable dealing with conflict and resolving issues. A proper communication develop understanding help employees promote good communication
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