Team Communication

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Team Communication


Having a team is harder than working alone. Every member of their own way on how they understand when people are communicating and how they communicate with others. Observing different types of teams, whether its football or in a business atmosphere, they all have the same sort of habits that make them successful. Small things such as, leadership, trust, and how you communicate are key components of many team successes.

Team Communication: Keys to a Successful Team

In Influence of Covey Habit Training on Teams, it states, “Learning and applying approaches that improve individual and interpersonal approaches that improve individual and interpersonal skills should facilitate processes that lead to project completion: team communication, information sharing, problem solving, and activity coordination. That seems to be the consensus of investigators who studied ways of improving the effectiveness of project teams.” (Folse, p. 1)

Communication within a group in society today is a skill that can enhance the habits of a successful team. When individuals decided to work as a team, it is no longer about that one person it becomes about several individuals acting as one. Team members must fully understand the common goal of the group and also must understand their individual role as a team. Once each member realizes that the work they do individually still affect the group that is the first habit acquired towards a successful team. In additional habit for a successful team is by earning each team member’s trust will insure the communication and growth within the team. As well, focusing on how you communicate is a big part the growth of the team.

The Beginning Stage

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...yer on the team. These three small things the coach did for every member on the New Orleans saints’ team was increased by the thousands. Citizens from not only New Orleans but the entire United States of America were supporting the good old Saints.


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