Essay On Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

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Job Skills (Individual Assignment) (Session-B) Submitted by: Ahoud saleh al-hadabi (14S11748) No. Index Page No 1 Cove page 1 2 Table of contents 2 3 Task1 3 4 Task2 4 5 Task3 5 6 Task4 6 7 References 7 Task 1: Importance of communication at work place Communication in the workplace is very important for employees and companies and through this the company is effective and achieve its objectives. This reduces miscommunication and poor communication. Thus increasing the spirit of cooperation and commitment. Thus increasing the productivity of the organization. When the manager talks with the staff feel the value and understanding this leads to an increase in job satisfaction. Of course when you find people who have team spirit and collaborators, this helps the manager and employees feel that they have one goal to achieve. Popularity of E-mail in comparison with other forms of written communication Communication is important in life. Companies need to communicate with other companies and customers. The managers also need to communicate with the staff. The technology provides us with many means of communication, the most important of which is e-mail. E-mail is used very much. It is one…show more content…
I learned in this work, first how to communicate in the workplace and the relationship of the manager with the staff. Secondly, one of the most important forms of communication is e-mail, which is one of the fastest forms of communication. Thirdly I learned when I wanted to send a message that should contain one subject and be brief. In the second paragraph I searched for the errors in the email and the third paragraph I wrote an email to the manager and included the problems I encountered in the
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