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  • Employment: Employment And General Effects On Employment

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    Employment General effects on employment Employment is the total numbers of people who are willing and able to work. As mentioned above, the healthcare inflation rate is fallen, which has positive effect to employment rate. Baicker and Chandra (2006) has done an experiment on the effects of changes in medical malpractice cost over time to companies that provide high health insurance premiums, and they found out 10 percent fall in health insurance premiums would increase 1.2 percent employment

  • Employment At Will

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    Imagine you work for an employer, you are not in a union, your job is not protected by tenure and you didn’t sign any kind of binding contract for employment. Your manager can let you go at anytime if they want to. Now some people say this is not fair. There is this term called employment –at-will. According to the supervision text employment-at –will is a “legal concept that employers can dismiss employees at anytime and for any reasons, except unlawful discrimination and contractual or other restrictions

  • Employment at Will

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    Employment at will is a law that is present in all fifty states in the US; although, in Montana there requires a stated cause for termination. Employment at will creates dissent among employees when they have been terminated for a cause that is thought to be unsubstantial or when no cause is given. There are pros and cons to the presumption, and employees and employers have different views. Employment at will means that the employer can terminate an employee at any time, for any cause without warning

  • Employment at Will

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    The employment at will doctrine is such that, an employer can terminate an employee, at any time and for any cause, or no cause at all. Employment at will employees do not have an agreement and surety of continued employment, which is an issue of employee rights. There are several employee's right issues at workplaces; among which, one of the biggest issue of employees is their uncertainty towards their length of work employment. This leads to a lack of job security and an unsafe, and an unfair working

  • Employment Equality And Employment Discrimination

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    Introduction: To date, employment equality and employment discrimination are both serious issues faced by employers of the Irish workplace but also to the employees who are the ones being discriminated against. This can cause great difficulties for great Irish business people who are working hard especially during this economic recession. Employment equality is an issue which needs to be more dominant amongst businesses and workplaces throughout Ireland. To date employment discrimination is predominant

  • Employment

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    Employment The Demand Increase for the Skilled Worker Throughout history, the labor force has been affected by many changes, especially the industrial revolution, and now similar changes are occurring due to the technological revolution. Both have made an impact on the economy and to the people who comprise the labor market. During the industrial revolution, the unskilled laborers were the group who were most directly helped due to the improvements in factory machines. These machines enabled

  • Self Employment: The Importance Of Self-Employment?

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    Self-employment is explained by the nature of the job that it characterizes. It is “a group of jobs where the remuneration is directly dependent upon the profits (or the potential for profits) derived from the goods and services produced (where own consumption is considered to be part of profits)”. There are four categories of workers who fall in the ambit of self-employment: employers, own-account workers, members of producers' cooperatives, and contributing family workers. Each of these categories

  • The Employment Laws

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    Introduction The purpose of this research is to prove that the employment at will doctrine does not protect the employee population in the United States. The fact that if you look at the way the doctrine is written it protects the employers and firms, and this as a result creates discrimination. This in itself creates an unsafe and sometime unstable work environment because of the potential for high turnover, costly training, and low morale amongst employees. There are certain factors that must

  • Maternal Employment

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    choose employment rather than staying at home. Some mothers make conscious choice to be employed. In other words there is no restrictions on type of employment or amount of income it brings. In this case, satisfaction and self-fulfillment from job will have positive effect on how these mothers raise their children. However, some of the mothers are forced in to being employed due to being the only provider to the family, single parent or other consequences. The forced maternal employment causes

  • Employment Law

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    Employment Law The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific, hypothetical employment situation encountered and to include the information regarding employment conflicts, questions, grievances, lawsuits, etc., in terms of how the situation was handled or resolved.  Employment conflicts are a constant issue everyday in any organization; it is how you handle them both legally and professionally that counts. Employment Law Situation In this situation an employee, new to office politics was continuously