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    Organization Structure The United States Navy is an enormous organization spanning the entire globe. The chain of command covers everyone involved with the Navy from the President of United States all the way down to the eighteen-year old just checking into his first command. There are literally hundreds of different specialized jobs in the Navy all requiring different leadership styles and organization structures. Overall the entire United States Navy is based on a mechanistic organization

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    Organization Initializing a classroom is the hardest part in teaching. It is a new beginning with the students, parents, and teachers. There is no possible way to start off a classroom by jumping into a lesson plan and expecting the students to learn. Students must be familiar with their surroundings and their classmates in order to establish a comfort level. "An educator must be well-organized and planned. The students must be able to trust the teacher and their peers that the classroom will

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    Organization First impressions are crucial. If a classroom is organized and appropriately arranged, then it is apparent that the teacher possesses good management skills. A variety of things must be considered when arranging the classroom. It “must contain interesting materials appropriate to a child’s stage of intellectual development” and not appear thrown together (Streng, 1978). All fire exits, doorways, and main walkways must be kept open and free of clutter while built in cupboards, drawers

  • Traditional Organization and Learning Organization

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    utilizing the right type of model for the organization, the model will be misused and distorted (Magretta, 2002). Understanding the traditional organization and learning organization, will allow an organization to determine which time of organization they desire the most. Characteristics of the Traditional and Learning Organization The beginnings of the traditional and learning organizations start with the characteristics of the organizations. Within these organizations, there are some main characteristics

  • The Mechanical Image Of Organization As An Organization

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    The overall structure of of various types of organizations can be framed by using metaphorical images which help to clarify the way that organizations operate. Morgan (2006) discusses several of these metaphorical images, including the image of an organization as a machine and the image of an organization as an organism. Each image is unique, but there are some similarities and many differences between the two. In order to understand each image meaningfully, the two images will be introduced, explained

  • Organization Behavior

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    Organization Behavior In order to better understand the concepts of organizational behavior, several key terms need to be defined and explained. Some of these key terms include organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning. To get a better understanding of each of these terms, examples will be given for each term as it applies to National Gypsum Company. Organizational behavior is defined as the

  • Organization Structures

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    Organization Structures The mechanistic view of an organization began with the industrial revolution. The view is a reflection of society's radical change from a rural agricultural base to one more impersonally based on centralized urban industry employing great numbers of people. The first changes began in the late 1600's and early 1700's with rudimentary machines replacing manual labor or accomplishing things not previously possible because of size, weight, or sheer numbers. The greatest industrial

  • Virtual Organizations

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    Virtual Organizations (graphics not included) The virtual organization is a network of independent suppliers, customers, and even competitors, generally tied together by computer technology (Roger, 1991). They share skills, costs, and access to markets. It is tend to have flat structures in which information and decision making move horizontally (Judith R.G, 2002). Through the support of modern electronic system, it becomes possible to link people across formal organizational boundaries (Judith

  • Transforming An Organization

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    In the article “Working to Transform Your Organization”, the issue of tackling an organization’s needed changes amongst a bureaucratic national system is a difficult one. Fortunately, they become very attainable if certain steps are taken. These outlined concepts when combined with an opportune situation yield a positive result, it seems, when associations are no longer relevant or efficient. The Department of Defense, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Aeronautics and Space

  • Organizations As Systems

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    The focus of this case assignment is to determine the usefulness of identifying organizations as socio-technical systems. Organizations labeled as socio-technical systems establish the framework for evaluating the social and technical elements of an organization and determines their level of integration. As with any business organization, the social and technological elements must be balanced and tailored to work together to sustain effective operations. The AES Corporation serves as an excellent