Stereotypes In Nursing

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Image and profession go hand in hand. Image plays a very important yet controversial role in the nursing profession. The image of nursing is often inaccurate and falls short of the fair and correct portrayal of what the role of nursing truly is (Summers, 2010). With an inaccurate portrayal of what nursing really is comes the challenges of the profession. Popular stereotypes in nursing coming from both the past and today media and expectations take away the true meaning and role of the modern profession. Some common stereotypes include but are not limited to: unskilled, a way to marriage, and a physician’s helpmate. These stereotypes lead to many problems within the nursing profession including poor working conditions, insufficient support…show more content…
Through proper education and collaboration, the image of nursing could change entirely.
Worldwide, nurses have developed themselves into professionals with a great deal of knowledge. Despite these developments towards professionalism, nurses are still portrayed in a misleading and inaccurate way and are not given the recognition for the skills they have acquired. The essence of nursing is not always clear and nurses still suffer from stereotypes (Hoeve,2014). A stereotype can be defined as “a cognitive representation or impression of a social group that people form by associating particular characteristics and emotions with a group” (Smith and Mackie, 2007). Of the many types of nursing, a very popular stereotype that is depicted of nurses is being doctor’s handmaiden and only performing repetitive and simple tasks (Hoeve,2014.) This public image of nursing does not match their professional images, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Nurses are strong independent individuals that play just as big a role in the hospital as due the doctors or surgeons. The problem is nurses are not depicted as professionals and the public is not aware that nursing today is very theory-based oriented and a scholarly profession. Over the last few decades, nursing gone through extensive and important
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A very important concept that needs to be implemented world-wide is collaboration. Collaboration can be defined as “working with other individuals or groups to achieve a common goal. It differs from cooperation which involves groups working together to achieve their own individual goals’’ (Tomajan, 2012). This concept is critical in making the nursing image as clear and accurate as possible while also properly representing the profession. Worldwide, if nurses can represent themselves in a particular way, having the same ideals, morals, and knowledge, there would be little room for people to criticize the profession. Collaborating also allows for the formation of new ideas and discoveries, strengthening the knowledge of nurses and creating the opportunity for more authority. The entire profession as a whole need to help everyone understand what nurses really do for patients. Nurses are the invisible hand behind the success in every hospital or health-care facility. From a quick visit to the doctors to an emergency room visit, the ones the patients interact with and grow a relationship with are the nurses. The nurses know the ins and outs of every patient and have the direct connection with the patient along with tremendous knowledge and skills. This needs to be addressed in the media rather than challenging the nursing image. Giving
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