I Possess To Be A Good Nurse Essay

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Nursing and Qualities That I Possess to become a Good Nurse Nursing is the act of safely caring, protecting and improving our clients’/patients’ health and ability without causing any further harm and disability to them. The primary goal is to restore and maintain good health physically, spiritually and psychologically. It is a science, such that one has to apply the nursing knowledge and technical aspect of practice. However, it is important to incorporate the act of patient centered care which is defined according to QSEN/NOF, as holistic care that recognizes the patient as the source of control and full-partner in providing compassionate and coordinated care with respect for patient’s desire, values, needs and preferences. It has to incorporate with the As a nursing student, I possess the quality of enabling, doing for and being with. These qualities are implanted in me via my upbringing, culture, religious belief and life experience/encounters(my environment). “Enabling” is the nurse 's’ responsibility to help the make a transition into the unknown. For example, patients who are going in for major abdominal surgery, or even normal childbirth. Nurses should enable them and see them through the scaring mindset that something major is about to happen, or is happening. We are looked upon and expected to “enable” them. Hence, it could be as simple as a hand to hold, or saying positive things to them to reassure them that it is for the better outcome of their health and ability. I remember giving birth to a child for the first time. I was afraid as I went through several stages of labor and its difficulty, after which I was transferred to ICU where I finally had my child through a cesarean surgery. It was the nurse who held my hand and encouraged me verbally throughout my delivery process and transition into my motherhood experience. Thus, i learned how important it is that we must help our patients make a commitment to continue to

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