Positive Attitude In Nursing Essay

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It is often said that attitude is everything. This is a particularly important characteristic of a good nurse. Having a positive attitude in ones work environment, especially in the health field, can at times determine life or death. The way an employee perceives themselves can ensure safety and comfort to others, along with increasing the likely hood of a patient or a family members return. Coming off with a negative attitude could potentially cause a patient to loose trust and not have the enjoyable experience that is deserved. There are laws and regulations that must be met in order to preserve patients or resident’s rights. The reasons from where ones attitude might derive from could possible root from many different sources. A nurses attitude…show more content…
Compassion from a care giver needs to be felt towards patients to ensure that difference will be made. A positive attitude can be contagious towards other employees or the ones being cared for. When a nurse approaches a patient with an upbeat, but calm and confident vibe, the visitor excepts and trusts the work that must be done to them. One is put at ease when they are in the that type of environment. Altruism is the ability to be selfless and instead have a dedication to the welfare of others. () In the nursing profession, an employee shows care and empathy for clients, but must do the same towards themselves. A nurse must maintain calmness within herself when with a patient in order to fully provide security for their patient. It is important for the nurse to prevent becoming tired or stressed which may hinder them carrying out their duty effectively. In order to receive and hold humanistic-altruistic values, a nurse must extend forward continuous love, kindness and mental awareness at all times. Altruism is essential in unlocking a nurse 's compassion and empathy therefore creating a more positive and healing environment for the patient. () Not only must a nurse show the proper care towards ones clients with an appropriate attitude, but taking care of an employees own self needs and requirements are…show more content…
When dealing with stresses on the job, or coming up with creative solutions to situations, and even creating relationships with co-workers, having a positive outgoing intention is a plus in many different aspects. People tend to be more productive and want to do our best when we have a positive attitude, even when the fast is one that is not the most exciting. Whether a nurses profession is centered in a nursing home or the top hospital in America, maintaining an optimistic eggier to succeed, positive attitude will push you further into the world of medicine and increase likely hood of promotion. It can help to increase consistent performance. When performing the best, the ability increases to reach the ultimate goals one might have, which should include helping patients find healing and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Earning and keeping a good reputation to advance in your career is important to keep in mind when getting a reputation in the health field. People with good attitudes are better able to handle job stress and are more constructive in approaching abnormal situations. These are basic characteristics employers look for when considering employees for promotions and advancements. It is also a sure way to get an exceptional reference if you decide to change
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