Importance Of Resource Utilization In Nursing

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Resource utilization.

Resource utilization is important in nursing care delivery. ANA standards of nursing providing some stratergeis regarding resource utilization. The responsibility of the public health nurse is to assess the availability of resource and individual health needs to complete the healthcare tasks. The public health nurse considering certain factors that belongs to health care cost , safety , effectiveness and impact on nursing care in the planning and nursing care delivery. Also public health nurses are evaluating as such factors are bringing the expected outcome and its effectiveness. By the help of public health nurse the client and family members can identify the health services appropriate for health care needs.
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It also proves that there should some retaining accountability in quality of care to individuals receiving healthcare. Aim is team work , planning, implementation , progress measuring of health care consumer within the organization.Promots continuous ongoing education of all healthcare providers.ANA provides some leadership qualities as nurses can act as a mentor to other colleagues for the improvement of nursing as a profession and quality of care. In leadership important personal qualities are communication and ability to resolve conflicts. So treat others with full of respect ,dignity and trust. Should consider the effectiveness of communication and ways to improve autonomy and accountability of nurses. Work under the influence of polcies and procedures and involve the patients and profession. Decision making bodies are taking the role for the sake of improve the healthcare outcomes and the professional practice improvement. In public health sectors there should be interprofessional team and that should be advance the nursing practice in interpreting the role for community as a whole. Also nureses can teach other staff members and patients. Pomoting good and healthy working atmosphere between local, national , international communities. Leaders are exhibiting the quality of flexible changing style and creativity according to the situation. They should be energetic in their action and also should accept the mistake by self and others . Other quality is co-ordination of care because in health sectors there is licensed and unlicensed nurses so there should co-ordination among staff members. Work as administrative team. Promote communication among staff members through written messages , publications and presentations. Promote direction to improve the effect of the multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary
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