Benefits Of Becoming A Traveling Nurse

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Prolong working hours, the struggle to maintain composure after a death, and the frequent bursts of exhaustion from a long day of ministering care. This is what it means to be a nurse. Whether it be from the influences of media or generations involved in the career passed down, the decision to pursue nursing can be contributed to a lot of factors. Despite all the negative aspects, the significant effect a nurse can make on a patient will be everlasting. The choice to undertake the course of nursing was a result of the influence of family members, the potential to positively impact people’s life’s, and the ability to utilize skills already established and implement them into the profession.
The influence of family members as they became nurses
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Upon doing high school requirements which included exploring the interest of my chosen career path, I stumbled upon an article detailing the positive aspects of becoming a traveling nurse. Moreover, the article listed the advantages of getting to select which location you would prefer. The ability to explore other countries, while simultaneously providing care for patients and earning a living is what finalized my decision to attend college for nursing. Additionally, the article also revealed the enormous impact a nurse can produce in a person’s life. Not only with medicating illnesses and diseases, but with educating a patient on how to care for themselves. A nurse has more meaning than just an authority figure who gives treatment, they become the patient’s friend, confidante, and dependable consultant. Choosing nursing as a career further entails a person to embody certain skills to administrate optimal…show more content…
During a recent job at a nursing home, I became conscious of the qualities that I bear in which I can contribute to as a nurse. Skills such as compassion and empathy are a few of the pivotal building blocks that a nurse should possess when engaging in the nursing community. If a patient is experiencing an excruciating amount of pain and suffering, I have the aptitude to alleviate some of the discomfort, becoming a shoulder to lean on in a time of need. Furthermore, being adept and time-efficient is another reason why I am qualified to become a nurse. Taking precise care of a multitude of people is time consuming and it is vital that a person can manage their time sufficiently to be able to administer patients. While I was assisting other CNA’s during my job, I became more versed in prioritizing assignments and learning techniques on multi-tasking while also providing genuine care. Although these skills will aid in the nursing community, there will still be obstacles and complications that I will
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