Is Nursing A Science Essay

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Nursing As a Science and an Art Nursing is a medical profession that involves the care and management of patients majorly in the hospital setting. This paper seeks to illustrate the fact that nursing is both a science and an art. Nursing is a science because it involves evidence based practice, education of the public, lifelong learning for the nurse and administrative roles that are allocated to the nurses. Nursing is also an art because nurses depend on intuition, have the capacity to promote positive change, are understanding and culturally sensitive.
Nursing entails self- directed and cooperative health care for the society at large in all contexts. It includes the promotion of appropriate practices to enhance health, prevention of diseases,
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Based on the definition of nursing and the training of nurses, it is convincing enough to make the conclusion that nursing is both a science and an art. Since it is a medical profession, which requires heavy input from the study of biology, chemistry and physics, it qualifies to be termed a science. Firstly, nurses are expected to practice evidence-based health care hence a mastery of information about the essential and safe dose of drugs for a patient is very important for a nurse. Consequently, it could be the determinant between the life and the death of the patient. Pharmacology is a discipline which is mandatory for the nurse to excel in to be efficient in discharging his/her duties. Understanding which drug to use, the right dosage, the expected side effects which may occur and the contra-indications of the various drugs are key in the preservation of…show more content…
Student nurses depend on the knowledge proficiency of the nurse to be able to consolidate and apply knowledge in a real life setting. Such roles of the nurse mandates him/her to have a good scientific basis for his/her practice. Thirdly, the science of nursing is exemplified in the fact that nurses are partakers in the lot of people who are lifelong learners. With the presentation of new and diverse challenges by the day, new skills are gained. The medical profession being as dynamic as it is, requires efforts commensurate to the fast changing picture of the medical arena. New outbreaks emerge which prompts the development of new procedures and interventions.
With the introduction of the age of computers, the nursing profession has seen a transition from the manual to automated methods of record keeping and even patient management. With the introduction of new technology even in monitor systems within the hospitals, nurses are compelled to increase their scope of learning in order to cope with the changes. Intensive care unit equipment are highly sophisticated which only increases the pressure on the nurse as a learner (Urquhart, Currell, Grant & Hardiker). This explicitly shows that nursing is a
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