A Career: My Choice Of Nursing As A Career

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My choice of nursing as a career was inspired by past experiences that made me appreciate the field and its virtues. My mother was an obstetrician-gynecologist in China. I grew up having spent lots of time in her hospital. The medical field really appealed to me. Nevertheless, my mom thought that being a teacher was a better career choice for me. As a result, I worked as a high school teacher till my husband and I came to the U.S. to pursue our post-graduate education. I started my retail business in Madison, Wisconsin after I earned my master’s degree in Organization Development. My life appeared to have nothing to do with my childhood medical dream. However, things changed when both of my sons were diagnosed with Autism. The successful experience…show more content…
I believe that nursing should be a holistic approach, dealing with a patient’s body, mind, and soul. It is definitely a physically demanding job, but equally as important is the demand for emotional commitment. My past academic performance, as well as my personal qualities, provides the foundation for my career. A core characteristic of a successful nurse is teamwork and the ability to act as the liaison between the patients and the other members of the patients’ care teams. Besides working well in a team, it is also important to seek out help when necessary. Another vital quality is culture competency. Prosperous nurses understand diversity, and embrace and honor, rather than judge or ignore, what makes people different. Furthermore, critical thinking skills allow nurses to recognize possible patient problems. The intellectually disciplined process enables the nurses to respond to the constant changes and needs of a patient in their charge. Lastly, the nurse’s role has a zero tolerance for error where the smallest mistake may result in a life-threatening event. To ensure patient safety, it is critical to pay attention to detail and use caution no matter how stressed or overwhelmed a person might feel. These are the core qualities that I hope to attain as a registered nurse and important goals to adhere to for as long as I’m in this…show more content…
Committing myself to lifelong learning is my second goal. Nurses need to cultivate and internalize a passion for learning throughout their careers, which provides a foundation for excellence in practice. I would like to become a Critical Care nurse since I work as a Health Technician in the ICU at the VA Hospital –Madison. I love taking care of people at their sickest. The intensity of the care and challenges presented at the job excite and motivate me. However, I’m willing to start on a general floor such as medical-surgical to better prepare myself. I plan to obtain the certificate in the specialty of my choosing as soon as I fulfill the clinical hour requirement for application. After acquiring enough nursing experience, I would like to complete my Doctorate of Nursing degree to become a nurse practitioner with a specialty in Critical Care. I plan to stay current on education by taking courses, attending conferences, obtaining certifications, as well as joining meaningful nursing organizations. I have a strong background in research as evident in working as a research assistant in graduate school and my current involvement in a research project with Dr. Lisa Bradzke for Honor’s Program. My research skills will facilitate my learning process by providing the best evidence based strategies and practices for nursing issues. Completing this goal will not only advance my career, but also expand my effectiveness as a competent
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