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College Is Worth The Time And Money Essay examples

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In today’s society some would argue whether or not college is actually worth the prize anymore. People who just have a high school diploma do not get as far as they did back in the day; furthermore, people are believed that they need higher education in order to succeed in life. College education could raise a student’s chance of economic success in the future; it also allows people to undergo an atmosphere that is a step closer to the “real world”. College is worth the time and money because of the benefits such as, better pay, more opportunities, and having pride.
Society today is in a downward fall and most people are in debt. Getting a job with better pay then minimum wage is hard to find without a college degree. “High school graduates get paid about $27,915 a year, while college graduates get paid $51,206 a year.” For example, dental hygienist had an average salary of $71,530 in 2013; furthermore, high school graduates had an average salary of $28,000. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, or even engineers, are just a few more examples of why college is worth it. Most people do not go to ...

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