Summary: Is College Worth It?

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Is college worth it? This is a topic that has been heavily debated for years, and years to come. The late nights, stressful debts, and long papers due- not accepted a second late; does that make up for the amazing memories, high paying jobs, and social connections? Absolutely. The experience college can give is remarkable. College is a valuable experience because individuals who attend will have a lower chance of being unemployed, will be in better health, and paying off debts will be possible! Unemployment is on the rise and, always trying to be avoided. By obtaining a degree, the chance of being out of work is reduced. Baum, Ma, & Payea (2013) claim, “The 2012 unemployment rates for 25- to 34-year-olds were 9.6% for those with some college but no degree and 7.2% for those with associate degrees” (p.20). With just an associate's degree, the chance of being unemployed plummets 2.4% compared to those compared to little college, proving when the higher of a degree is obtained, the lower
With information from Ca Career Briefs (2014) we learn, “As a college grad, you are less likely to be obese. Plus, you will exercise more vigorously, more often.” This is accompanied by the graphic showing the chances of working out are 50% higher. By having a degree, individuals will be able to have a healthy weight as well as be physically fit for day to day activities. In addition to working out to be in better health, “In 2012, only 8% of individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree smoked, compared to 20% of those with some college or an associate degree and 25% of high school graduates and of those without a high school diploma” (Baum, Ma, & Payea, 2013, p.27). If a person has a higher education, the chances of smoking are significantly less. This will be able to provide the ability to live longer and healthier. On the contrary, there may be major downfalls to going to

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