College Is Worth It?: Is College Worth It?

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552 words

College is worth it
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Is a question most children hear from time to time though out their childhood. Most people ponder on that question as they grow up and become adults. The question that usually comes up when thinking about what they what to be when they grow up is “Is college worth it?” Are the risk of the high loans, and the challenge of finding a job after school worth the time of the college education?
Most people know that having a college degree could get you a higher paycheck. However, what people do not know is how much of a difference that degree could get you. Through a study of more than 6 million employees, it was found that people with a four-year degree make about $215,000 more than people without a degree. In addition, people with a graduate degree can make about $440,000 more over a period of twenty years, according to The Ladders (2013, September 7 p. 1). Three quarters of the highest paying industries, eighty percent professionals hold at least a four-year degree. (The Ladders 2013, September 3 p. 2).
With this in mind t...

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that college is worth it, and that the risk of high loans and finding a job after school are worth the time of the college education.
  • Explains that a four-year degree can get you higher wages, but people don't know how much that degree could get them.
  • Explains that the work force for high school graduates is shrinking because employers are opting to hire college graduates.
  • Explains that high school graduates are not ready for college and require more education and college readiness courses in order to succeed in college.
  • Explains that college gives the skills needed to build a successful life and builds strong work ethics in people. employers seek basic teamwork, problem-solving, and the ability to plan and prioritize.
  • Explains that college graduates make more than non-graduates over a period of 20 years. employers are leaning towards prospective employees with college degrees because of skills learned and productivity and work ethics of those who went to college.
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