Why Is College Worth It?

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The argument about if college is worth it or not has been one of the biggest arguments throughout the media for decades. Students suffer a lot from the debts that they get from college and also the amount of studying that they do in college and when they graduate they ask themselves “is graduation from college really worth all the money that we paid and all the work that we have done?” Leonhardt and Matthews are two journalists who talk about if college is really worth it or not and they both have different perspectives. David Leonhardt thinks that college is absolutely worth all the money you pay and the work you do, stating that “Americans with four­year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without…show more content…
The pay gap has grown mostly because the average wage for everyone else has fallen — 5 percent, to about $16.50.” On the other hand, Chris Matthews thinks that college is not worth it for many people. He argued that 25% graduates who have bachelor degrees get paid less than high school graduates. He said “The bottom quarter of earners with a college degree don’t make more money than the average high school graduate. And this hasn’t really changed much in 40 years.” Chris Matthews also thinks that “ Up to 25% of college grads would probably be better off not pursuing a degree, yet nobody actually thinks they’re going to be the ones for whom the investment doesn’t pay off.” In my opinion, Chris Matthews did not present a compelling argument. Addressing the possibility is not enough at all to convince someone at any time to either think that going to college or not is a good choice. Telling someone that 25% of people who get their bachelor degrees will get paid less than the median of a high school graduates is not convincing at all. It’s like saying that teens who are 16-19 years old should not be driving at all since 60 percent of deaths among passenger vehicle occupants ages 16-19 were drivers,According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in…show more content…
I came from Egypt in 2012 with a dream to become a successful person and going to college will be the first step to achieve this dream. And my experience in high school and doing a lot of research on the internet made it easy for me to choose the major that I chose (computer engineering),especially the area where I live in. The median salary of computer engineer in San Francisco bay area is $122,000. And I’m planning on just doing the bachelor degree and then find a job after that. I will not have to pay back a lot of debt because I am not going to take any loans in my 4 years in college. I will rely on the scholarships and the financial aid that I’m going to take from San Francisco State university and from the federal government. And even if I did take any loans, it will be worth it by looking at my salary in the
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