Is College Worth the Money?

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Is College Worth the Money?

Imagine telling a student who just graduated from college that you have wasted four years of hard, stressful and even worse, expensive work. Unfortunately, in this cynical society today, the world isn’t just full of competitors, but it’s full of greedy money-grabbing businesses. The worst businesses aren’t manufacturing or electric companies, but colleges and universities. In Caroline Bird’s essay “College is a Waste of Time and Money,” she examines how college has been viewed for so long as the best place to send high school grads no matter whether they actually want to go or not. She adds that students don’t realize how much college costs and are wasting their parents time and money, which is especially a horrible thing to waste. Now that the economy is better since September 11th and states have been stabilizing their budget debts, it doesn’t make sense that tuition prices higher than ever for college students.

When people think of college, they often think of their education like they had when they were in high school and grammar school. But colleges and universities aren’t schools. They’re all businesses. College isn’t paid for through taxes or government funded. It comes from our pockets. But other countries like Australia, England, Ireland and Germany run their colleges and universities just like a high school. Every person goes to the same college and it’s paid for through their government taxes. A college education is no longer an option, but it’s vital. The competition of getting a decent job is increasing and it’s almost impossible to find a high paying job without a bachelor's degree, which means more money goes to the already rich universities. It’s going to take a long tim...

... middle of paper ... or have dropped out of college who are doing better than people who have their master’s degree. We all know the story of Bill Gates and how he dropped out of Harvard to create Microsoft, one of the richest companies in the world. Of course Bill Gates was too smart for college, but there are a few other names who are doing better than adults with college degrees. Woody Allen was expelled from New York University and City College of New York. Steven Jobs, owner of Apple computers, left Reed College in Portland, Oregon, after only one semester and David Geffen, the founder of Geffen Records, flunked out of University of Texas and Brooklyn College in New York.

College does have its good and bad, but the tuition money needs to decrease in both public and private schools. College should be the best time of everybody’s life, but money shouldn’t be a distraction.
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