Three Reasons College Still Matters By Andrew Delbanco

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In recent years, many have debated whether or not a college education is a necessary requirement to succeed in the field of a persons’ choice and become an outstanding person in society. On one hand, some say college is very important because one must contribute to society. The essay Three Reasons College Still Matters by Andrew Delbanco shows three main reasons that students should receive their bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, many question the point of wasting millions of dollars on four years or maybe more to fight for highly competitive jobs that one might not get. Louis Menand wrote an article based on education titled Re-Imagining Liberal Education. This article challenges the main thought many americans have after receiving a secondary education. Louis Menand better illustrates the reasons why a student should rethink receiving a post secondary education better than Andrew Delbanco’s three reasons to continue a person’s education. Based on Three Reasons College Still Matters, there are three main reasons why a college education is so important. From an economical standpoint, an education is most of the time needed to earn enough money to live comfortably. Attending and completing college provides a possibility for future economic stability. Within a highly competitive workforce a college degree can put a foot in the door to a job of a person’s choice. Statistics show that people who obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher get paid more than those who do not obtain one. Many question the worth of a college degree because of how expensive it is, though some say that the money spent is an investment on a person’s future. One can say that the worth of a college education is within the eye of the beholder. Many q... ... middle of paper ... ...o years, have a well rounded education and everyone should be given an opportunity to receive an education if they choose to. Hence, a college education is not needed to obtain success. Menand’s ideology on reconstructing education to better fit a variety of people while simultaneously stating that college is not essential to succeed. This essay provides a great amount of information to not only convey his message, but to persuade his reader to follow his ideology on college. While Delbanco only states three reasons as to why a college education is needed. Though many Americans seem to follow a similar trend of attending a higher education after graduating from secondary there are many examples of successful people who never went to college. Both passages displayed that whether one decides to go to college or not, they must first decide what they wish to do in life.

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