Why Is College Worth It Essay

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Is College Worth it? Is college worth it? Is college worth the time and energy you invest? This is a question that many students ask themselves as the cost of college rises and jobs are harder to find. As a 27 year, old college student myself I really thought about this question. I had to think back when I first started college at the age of 18 and how I was excited about starting college. I easily got tired of all the work that it took to get the degree so I dropped out. After having my first child and trying to work and take of her and myself with only making minimal wages, barely get by that when I knew college is worth it. A college education is one of the most reliable paths to financial success for students and gives the opportunity…show more content…
Use the time to help develop your people skills to help you in the future. College helps with your organizations skills, time management to prepare you for the future. In college, you learn that there is a lifetime of learning to experience and you getting prepared for the upcoming decisions in life. With the future jobs, you will have deadlines to meet with multiple things at once, but you will be able to handle with having had 4 class and several things due on the same day. In college, there are many organization that people are members of helps set their future careers. College gives people the experience of an atmosphere that is a step closer to the real world. The experience that the college offers to study aboard and explore other countries to learn cultures that you may know nothing about gives you a diverse learning experience. Many people do not get the opportunity to travel aboard without college because they can’t afford. College has set up a way for many to experience these things. The essay Is College Worth the Money? Answers from Six New Graduates The lawyer Beverly Ozowara stated “she had the opportunity to travel (for a third of the normal cost) to Brazil with the Notre Dame Concert Band. During the trip, I was able to do things like perform at the oldest concert hall in the Americas and to swim in the Amazon river” (Dwyer113). While in college now I have met many different people in the classroom, where they are from and different things about their background. Opening and communicating with others helps you to be a people person with in the
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