The Importance of College Education

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College. It is the seven-letter word that almost every child will hear thousands of times while they are growing up. They constantly are bombarded by the idea that they must go to college if they want to be successful. However, what if this is a false statement. What if college isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to seem. Well, these days some people believe that young people are better off, not going to college. Over the years the economy around the world has changed. It has prospered, and it has fallen. As the economy went downhill the government began cutting funds in areas that they felt were necessary to exterminate. One of the largest areas of funding that was cut was education. Colleges began receiving less money from the government, resulting in a rapid increase of college tuition fees. Due to this, a lot of people believe that college tuition is too expensive for what you get, and not worth the money. However, most people believe that college is necessary in order to further their education, and in order for them to earn their degree. They think that this degree has the ability to help college graduates get a job and work up to a career that only someone with a college level degree is able to achieve. The truth lies in the facts, and statistics. College is the seven-letter word that all people should be thinking about. A college education is a valuable investment that everyone should strive to achieve, and is completely worth the expensive cost. A college education costs a lot these days, but is a huge investment. The amount of money that the average college graduate earns is much greater than the money that the average high school graduate earns. Over the decades, the education pay gap between the educated, and the ... ... middle of paper ... ...all of the sides to whether college is worth the cost, it is evident that college is in fact worth the cost of tuition. College should be looked at as an investment. A college education will give the graduate more money in the end, than they invested. Even though there are temptations in college, the advantages that college gives their students far surpasses the amount of temptations there are along the way. Most college graduates graduate, and earn a degree by surpassing the temptations college gives, and instead taking in all of the advantages that it is able to offer. Even though college, becomes a redundant seven letter word, that people often get tired of hearing, college is the right step in life, for students after high school. A college education is a valuable investment that everyone should strive to achieve, and is completely worth the expensive cost.

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