The Care Of The Nurse Manager Essay

The Care Of The Nurse Manager Essay

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Healthcare is a constantly evolving environment where change is inevitable. As the nurse manager, a recently assigned task is to submit a business plan that will positively impact patients, staff, and the financial components of the medical center. The care of the patient is the center of everything that we do in healthcare. It is only fitting that we would want to provide the best possible evidence based care for all patients including the terminally ill hospice inpatient at the end of life.Our institution is a 420 bed hospital on the out skirts of a metropolitan area. The current capacity runs at a rate of 60 to 70% of all available beds. Over the last 24 months the census reflects a need of an additional six to ten beds designated in the facility as in-patient hospice beds. According to the census it is necessary to free up these beds for the acute care patient population and add an additional 10 beds to meet the in-patient hospice demand. Hospice is a necessary service for the community. Wang and colleagues found that “in practice, health care professionals from inpatient hospice care units offer their expertise in consultations about palliative care decision making for hospitalized cancer patients not under their services” (Wang, Koong, Hsiao, Chen, Liu, & Tang, 2011, p. 2). Therefore, high- quality palliative care may likely be met in a hospital with a hospice program through diffusion of the palliative care philosophy and practices (Wang et al, 2011). By opening an in-patient hospice unit, we would create a culture of providing better palliative care for the in-patient hospice patient cliental, and terminal patients throughout the facility will benefit.The plan of taking the 24 bed west wing of the 6th floor and ...

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...settings for managing health crisis associated with the dying process (Wang et al., 2011).
Another alternative was to have the patient while in the hospital left on the medical floor classified as hospice. However, this option did not provide the quality trained staff or the atmosphere that we were trying to achieve. Another option was using an existing unit that historically ran a low census and had all of the inpatient hospice patients designated for that unit. Again this was not successful due to insufficient training for staff for this patient cliental, lack of continuity of care because there would be different nurses taking care of the patients due to a rotation of nurses taking call or being called off. Also, the physical structure of this unit was not conducive to that of the caliber of the inpatient hospice unit we were striving to create.

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