Nursing Leadership: The Qualities Of A Good Nurse Leader

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Leadership can be defined as the act of convincing people to willingly carryout defined objectives, it can also be defined as the ability to influence the course of action of people. In nursing leadership, nurse leader try to make the vision of treating patient with respect and dignity at all times become a reality. The nurse leader works with her colleagues in order to achieve these goals. She also makes sure that her nurses are satisfied with their work and have necessary equipment to carry out their nursing care effectively. For a nurse leader to be able to influence the course of action of her fellow nurses to achieve the set goals she must possess some attributes;
1. A good nurse leader must be honest. She must learn to speak the truth
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A good nurse leader needs to be dedicated to the task assigned to her. She needs to work with all devotion together with her followers to ensure that the task are well completed and are carried out appropriately.
13. A good nurse leader should be someone who can earn the trust and respect of her subordinates. She should be one whose subordinates have complete confidence in.
14. A good nurse leader should have charisma. She should attract the respect of her subordinates, should have a good sense of humor and should care for her patients and subordinates in a unique way. In her conduct people should see her as a leader.
15. A good nurse leader should be a risk taker. She should be one who should not be afraid to take risk and if peradventure a mistake occurs she should be ready to take responsibility for the mistake and learn from it to avoid
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In my home my husband and I are the leaders and we must live by example if we want to lead the children right. They are watching us closely and learning by imitation and at any point if we do a wrong thing the children will follow that pattern and you will be surprised when they are punished for it they will tell you that you did the same thing some time ago.
We always give listening ears to our children, we give them room to ask questions and we answer them appropriately.
Children are growing and learning fast through computers and peer groups, we as parents also have to keep reading to meet with their growing need for knowledge. We have to be intelligent to lead them because sometimes they throw some questions to you that can get you confused.
We know that it is our responsibility to train them and we make sure we are doing that. We also give them opportunities to be involved in decision making, though at the end my husband and I have the final say. As parents you need to possess that charisma, that aura that smell leader. The children and people around need to see you and respect you for who you
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