Essay On The Attributes Of A Registered Nurse

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Important Attributes for Registered Nurse:
The role of a Registered Nurse cannot be neglected in the provision of quality and safe care to patients and adopt procedures adequate for the condition of the patients because they work at the front line level; moreover, they have direct dealing with patients and integration of personal and professional skills is necessary. Therefore, there are certain attributes that are necessary to be present in a Registered Nurse for accurately performing various tasks. These include; Workload management, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, control of practice, professional development, effective communication skills and organi zational loyalty (Daly & Carnwell 2003, pp. 158-167). These attributes hold significance in terms of obtaining positive outcome for not only the Registered Nurse but also the organization and the patient. Workload should be managed in such a way that the care process is not affected. Registered Nurse should have leadership qualities to help, motivate and inspire other nurses. Similarly, a Registered nurse should also enable and promote learning opportunities for other nurses. A Registered Nurse has responsibilities towards the subordinates, patients and most importantly to the organization. Effective communication skills can allow Registered nurses to establish a trusting relationship with patients identifying their problems and needs. The code of ethics and principles of practice must be followed and the practice of the nurse should be in the line of the organization’s working principles. The responsibility should be met as accountability factors must be considered significant in healthcare setting (Cornenwett, et al, 2007, pp.122-131; Bradshaw et al 2012, pp.13-14). ...

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... nurses to evaluate them and amend their practice accordingly. If these are adopted, then there is no loophole in the healthcare system and practical implementation of the whole system (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 2013). These Competency standards are significant because every aspect is being covered and enable nurses to satisfy their organization and client at the same time. Integration of knowledge and skill adequately ensure the provision of quality healthcare and become effective in client management. Similarly, team work in the organizational setting can enhance the level of participation in improvement activities. Such initiatives are specifically necessary in healthcare as this sector demands that quality and of the processes must be improved with time and nurses can play a crucial role in attaining this task (National competency standards 2006).
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