Handover Report In Nursing

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After each shift, nurses gather to communicate essential information regarding their assigned patients to the oncoming nurse for the next shift. The handover report is normally given at the busy nursing station. This report allows the oncoming nurse to ask questions and receive feedback regarding the patient’s care. This will provide a continuity of care among nurses who are caring for the patients.

With the current process, nurses are not satisfied with the nurse-to nurse report and the amount of time it takes to give report due to the many distractions and interruptions. The distractions and interruptions cause the nurse to remain on the timeclock past his or her scheduled shift to give reports resulting in overtime. Barriers identified
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Patient and/or their family members can voice any questions or concerns they may have with the nurses. With reports given at the bedside in the presence of the patient and family, they will know what to expect regarding their plan of care. When patients feel safe, patient satisfaction with the hospital will increase.

A study showed an increase in a hospital 's Press Ganey scores after the implementation of bedside reporting. The areas that showed improvements includes nurse attitude toward requests, more attention to personal needs, nurses kept patients informed regarding their treatments, and better pain control. (Ferris, 2013)

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The leaders will follow staff nurses during report offering advice and providing guidance. (Ferris, 2013) Strong leadership and communication skills are essential in order to create an atmosphere of trust. Those qualities will also initiate change in the attitudes and behaviours of staff in a complex environment. (Evans, 2012) Binders will also be placed at each nursing station to allow the nurses to write down any concerns or feedback management may need to know about the process. Then, weekly management will review the feedback left in the binder and address with the nurses during staff
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