Essay on Traits of an Effective Counselor

Essay on Traits of an Effective Counselor

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Counselor characteristics are also an important part of the therapeutic dynamic. As the case study demonstrates, the professional counselor began with a good rapport and empathy. I believe the session was effective because the client and the counselor worked together with re-evaluating how the client was going to improve his circumstances. In this case study, the counselor establishes a good relationship and empathy with the client, which allows him to be completely honest about his thoughts and feelings. The counselor assesses continually the relationship between what is going on in the client’s life, in the session. An effective counselor can help pinpoint the obstacles in client life. Counselors are expected to develop a professional relationship with their clients as clients will share deeply personal and meaningful material with the counselor. Regardless of the setting, the counselor and client develop a powerful relationship to facilitate change. Professional counselors put forth diligent effort to enter this profession, and we recognize that there are some unique dimensions of being a professional counselor that are directly related to effectiveness and the counseling environment. To become an effective professional counselor, we must examine the nature of being a professional counselor as well as some of the important factors of the therapeutic relationship. Effective relationship helps build collaboration and encourage enthusiasm (Erford, 2010).
Central to the counseling relationship is the attitude and skill of accurate empathy. Empathy involves the counselor’s ability to experience the feelings and experience of the client, to reflect upon this experience while suspending his/her own judgments and tolerating his/her...

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...ence it deals with several different things and is shown have some main impact on society. What I can say is science deals with the natural world. Counseling is a part of science because it works with the mental health of an individual’s mind and intellect. In the counseling field you have to have the necessary skills and effectiveness to develop a scientific awareness of the counseling skill. If you apply science to human affairs this is a part of our behaviors. Science indeed is about discovery in the counseling field.

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