The Counselling Process for the Middles Stages of Helping a Relationship

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The counselling process is one that may last for as little as one session or for years, it is within the middles stages of the helping relationship that particular counselling skills such as a focusing, challenging and immediacy can be implemented, as well as use of advanced empathy that can be applied due to increased familiarity with a speaker. Many actions may occur within middles stage of the helping relationship such as transitions that occur for a multitude of reasons and the outcome of which can vary based on the attitude of the speaker. Self-awareness remains vital throughout the entire counselling relationship due to the continual influence of empathy in the helping relationship and remaining aware my own motives and values when using advanced empathy and specific counselling skills. Ethics and boundaries are also involved within the counselling process as within a counselling relationship, I as the counsellor, must be careful with the balance or expenditure of power when challenging. There are multiple structures of that can be applied to the counselling process, ranging from the basic idea of a beginning, middle and end to a more structured approach as that proposed by Egan (1994). Although his initial structure offered three main components; Stage 1, exploring the situation, stage 2, identifying a new or desired scenario to strive for and stage 3, the action stage, in which methods of coping are devised of and implemented. Egan later devised a ten stage structure that still takes into account initial stages from the speakers perspective of identifying a problem and seeking help, within this structure stage 4 is the initial meeting of the counsellor and client and can be considered the beginning stage of the helping re... ... middle of paper ... ... Explorations and Expansion. Handbook for participants. Scottish credit and qualifications framework Mearns, D. (1998) Developing person-centred counselling, London: SAGE Publications Bibliography Rogers, C.R. (1961) A therapist’s view of psychotherapy: On becoming a person, London: Constable McLeod, J. and McLeod, J. (2011) Counselling skills: A practical guide for counsellors and helping professionals, 2nd editions, New York: McGraw Hill Hough, M. (2010) Counselling skills and theory, 3rd edition, London: Hodder Education Carkhuff, R.R. and Truax. C.B. (1967) Towards effective counselling and psychotherapy, New York: Aldine Tolan, J. (2003) Skills in person-centred counselling & psychotherapy, London: SAGE Publications Karpman, S.B. (2007) The new drama triangles [Online], Available: [21 Apr 2014]

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