Wellness In Counseling

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Sometimes individuals consider becoming counselors after overcoming some major life challenge such as addiction or a history of bad relationships. Perhaps an individual has encountered a particularly effective counselor or therapist and has a desire to follow in those footsteps. Others may have had a bad experience with counseling and concluded that it can be done better. People do not think of this work so much as a job, or even as a career. More typically, a constellation of life experiences that demand explanation and a sense that others seek one out for assistance and emotional sustenance become driving forces leading one toward the counseling profession” (An invitation to). .
“Wellness conceptualized as the paradigm for counseling provides vigor-predicated strategies for assessing clients, conceptualizing issues developmentally, and orchestrating interventions to remediate dysfunction and optimize magnification. Wellness counseling models have stimulated consequential research that avails to compose the evidence base for practice in the counseling field. The development of these models is explicated, results of studies utilizing the models are reviewed, and implicative insinuations for research needed to further appraise clinical practice and advocacy efforts are discussed”(Myers & Sweeney 2008).There is numerous wellness models used in the counseling field today. The two that are mostly used is “The Wheel of Wellness” which is more a theoretical approach model and “The Indivisible Self” which is an evidenced based model of wellness.
The Wheel of Wellness model are used in empirical studies, seminars and workshops and is a very helpful tool for professional counselors as a guide for both formal and informal assessment. This...

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...ing online counseling also tends to break down some of the barriers that typically prevent potential clients from showing up at the office do. Online counseling also allows for more flexibility, both for the counselor and the client. The same holds true for online supervision.technology gives those clients the ability to access services in nontraditional ways and in ways that work for their schedule. The advent of social media allows counselors to become their own advertising specialists instead of hiring one” (Shallcross, 2011).
Technology also have a few negative effects in the counseling field. Clients might feel like you are available any time of the day and send you a quick, text or email. You also have to be careful about things you post online such as, pictures, statuses and quotes. Posting the wrong things can have a major effect on your employment status.
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