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  • Ethical Dilemma for Mental Health Professionals

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    significant ethical challenges and dilemmas faced by helping professionals, respondents ranked “blurred, dual or conflictual relationships” among the most difficult to navigate in their day to day practice (Barnett, Et Al., p. 401). Dual relationships, also commonly referred to as multiple or nonprofessional relationships, are defined in the American Psychological Association’s ethics code as “ones in which a practitioner is in a professional role with a person in addition to another role with the same

  • The Importance Of Professional Mental Health Counselor

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    such stress in healthy manner, often leads to mental and emotional sprain. In such cases, mental health counseling is used to pull some individuals from their mental turmoil. Mental health counseling professionals offer counseling, psychological support, and guidance to people with problem coping mentally or emotionally. This paper

  • Mental Health Counseling Research Paper

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    Differences in Two Counseling Specializations Mental health counseling is a role unlike other roles in other counseling specializations. My role, as a mental health counselors, will include a more broad approach in their response to treating clients (Smith & Robinson, 1995). Mental health counseling focuses on developmental, preventive, educational, as well as the traditional aspects of care for clients. Essentially, a mental health counselor’s role and function is to assist the client with restoring

  • Professional Counselor

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    The reading “What is a Licensed Mental Health or Professional Counselor” provides a series of roles and organizations that the beginning counselor can utilize in order to sustain a career in this field. In some ways, the confusion of the mental health profession is based on the wide variety of career paths a counselor can take, especially when engaging in such an ambiguous and subjective role when engaging clients and other professionals from differing disciplines: “To counsel commonly refers

  • Ethics in the Mental Health Profession

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    In the mental health profession of counseling, therapy, psychology, psychiatric and social services ethical dilemmas are faced primarily on a daily basis. Being that mental health professionals are working with clients who are often fragile and vulnerable, they must develop an intense awareness of ethical issues. On the other hand, mental health professionals would never intentionally harm their clients, students or colleagues and others whom they work with. Unfortunately, good intentions are not

  • Professional Identity Paper

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    Introduction “Nugent and Jones (2009) defined professional identity as how training and personal characteristics are applied in the professional setting. It was theorized that there was a need for development of a strong professional identity among counselor trainees, because professional identity confusion resulted in several negative consequences when these counselors entered the community workforce (Pistole & Roberts, 2002)”. Counselors play an important role in today’s society. Counseling has

  • Mental Health Counselors

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    problems and develop strategies to improve their lives. Mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists work in a variety of settings such as private practices and mental health centers full time, Employment of mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists is projected to grow 29 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Growth is expected in both occupations as more people have mental health counseling services covered by their insurance policies”

  • Professional Counseling Personal Statement

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    My professional goal is to obtain The University of the Cumberlands' Master's degree in professional counseling with a specialization in mental health and become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I would particularly like to work with our military families who have been affected by multiple deployments and focus on the events the families are faced with before, during and after their loved one comes home from deployment. I realized earlier that I am a good listener and my self-discovery is

  • Mental Health Personal Statement

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    My aspiration to be a clinical psychologist stems from my desire to further my education, expertise, and experience as a mental health professional following the completion of my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. My ultimate career goal is to help people with psychiatric challenges by becoming a licensed clinical psychologist and to specialize in treatment and assessment. In order to attain that goal, I will need to continue specialized training and education surrounding

  • Psychopharmacology

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    Psychopharmacology This paper will examine the complicated roles a counselor has related to the use of prescribed medication in treating mental health issues. The first section will explore the boundaries and ethical implications for a counselor surrounding the recommendation and prescription of psychotropic medication. The next section will include the counselor’s role in client education about medication. The third section will relate to the details of client referral when medication is warranted

  • Wheel Of Wellness Paper

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    Nichols (2011) have suggested, a clear identity and role for professional counselors was not determined until a majority proposed a wellness approach to their identity. This has given the profession a more unique character apart from those professions closely related. Oftentimes, counseling professionals from different specializations will work together to provide the most beneficial service to their clients. This allows professionals to the ability to reach goals and see positive

  • Elements Of Being A Professional Counselor

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    regards to becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor I believe these elements are key to achieving success. The most important components of acting as a professional and achieving success to me are: motivation, resilience, teamwork, people skills, high quality work, and self-development. I once read an article on these traits and it has stuck with me through the years. Motivation is a very important part of displaying professionalism. Finding

  • Professional Development Plan

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    Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development (PD) Plan Lindsey Litzinger Walden University Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development (PD) Plan Mental Health Counseling Development, Training, and Licensure Plan Degree: _Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling___________________________________________ Expected Graduation Date: __May 2017__________________________ Professional Development: Why Mental Health Counseling & What Motivates Me to achieve my goal:

  • Role Of Stigma In Clinical Psychology

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    The main aim of a clinical psychologist is to look at abnormal behavior, diagnose the mental disorders, predict the effects of mental disorderswhat could happen due to the mental disorder, explain their cause and hopefully reduce the problem using a range of different treatments. This is so they can improve the quality of life and wellbeing of their patients. However, there are many difficulties and challenges that clinical psychologists face on a daily basis that can prevent stop them from achieving

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Psychr)

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    options, what is it about and the population of PsyR service users. This paper will also describe the work environment of this field and the importance of this area. Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a field where people help individuals living with mental illness live in the community. According to Pratt et al. (2014) "Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a set of strategies and techniques designed to meet the needs of persons with psychiatric disabilities" (Pratt, Gill, Barrett, & Roberts, 2014, p. 4). PsyR

  • The APA Ethical Principles Of Psychologists And Code Of Behavior

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    being informed, is a violation of the APA code of ethics which it is required for a member of the mental health professionals to follow. The APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2015), under Standard 3: Human Relations, subheading 3.07 entitled Third-Party Requests for Service, it explains what expectations that a professional need to follow. These expectation are for professionals to inform the third-party such as the prison warden, of the professional’s requirements and responsibilities

  • The Role Of Mental Health Counselors

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    Mental Health Counselors help people in society who have mental or emotional disorders to deal with their disorder and hopefully, conquer them. Some of the duties these counselors do in order to conquer them are confront the mental and emotional problems (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). They work with individuals, groups, families, and other professionals (“Mental Health Counselor,” n.d.). These counselors listen to their patients’ problems. In addition, counselors ask question to help patients

  • Animal Assisted Therapy Essay

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    The field of psychology includes many different organizations in the fields of psychology. The American Counseling Association and the American Psychological Association help promote professional research and resources for counselors in the field. Degrees are available through the doctorate level and two types of programs tend to be offered. Both Clinical and Counseling psychology programs are common, though they offer different theoretical models of instruction and practice. Clinical psychology

  • Ethical Principles in Clinical Mental Health

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    of clinical mental health is one of great reward, but also one of grave responsibility. It is the duty of the counselor to provide the client with a safe environment and an open mind, in order to foster a healthy therapeutic relationship. The majority of mental health counselors would never intentionally harm their clients; however; good intentions are not enough to ensure that wrong will not occur. The ethical expectations and boundaries are regulated by both laws and professional codes. When

  • Diversity in the United States

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    Part One The United States population continues to increase in racial and ethnic diversity, therefore, it is pertinent that mental health professionals tailor their services to the needs of various cultural populations (Constantine, Kindaichi, Arorash, Donnelly, & Jung, 2002). The awareness that ethnic minorities experience negative consequences from being oppressed, resulted in the multicultural competence pedagogy and has helped counselors identify effective strategies to generate social change