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  • Transference In Counseling

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    In order to achieve a positive relationship during the counseling session, there has to be a partnership between the therapist and the client. In the beginning of training there may be some instances where the therapist can experience some self-doubt, but the counselor should always try to be aware of their own beliefs, biases, feelings, perceptions and reactions and how their perspective may affect the counseling session. The counselor who is emotionally in tune with their personal attitudes, biases

  • Counseling Reflection

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    drive will push me forward (McAuliffe, 2011). Adding to this phase was the overwhelming question that I thought I understood early on: What is counseling? According to the American Counseling Association and the 20/20: A Vision for the Future of Counseling conference, counseling is “a

  • Counseling Boundaries

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    The first boundary, I would implement is that the leader needs to be committed to the counseling sessions, transparent, and honest. There is no need to go through this journey if the counselee is not going to be transparent, and honest about their issues. Secondly, I would explain to them that someone will always be nearby during our counseling sessions, as a witness to our interactions with one another, but your information will still be kept confidential. Thirdly, I would help them to understand

  • Confidentiality In Counseling

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    Standards To Uphold Providing Free/Bono Work When professional counselors are establishing fees, counselors should establish the the financial status of clients and locality. Christian counselors are encouraged, beyond their fee schedule, to make a portion of their time and services available without cost or at a greatly reduced fee to those unable to pay. (ACA Code of Ethics, 2014). (AACC Code of Ethics, Y-2014). Disclosure of Personal Information Counselors should make sure to ensure the privacy

  • The Role of Counseling

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    The Role of Counseling A study performed in 1992, reported approximately 3,400,000 youth had failed to complete high school and were not enrolled in high school (Starr 1998). This statistic is based on the United States where job competition has greatly increased due to technology. Many of these student lacked the support and training necessary to succeed in today’s society. Currently in every high school across the nation, there is a person responsible for offering support and training to

  • Immediacy In Counseling

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    Immediacy is a key component in the helping process because it is used to talk about something important with your client or to alleviate something that is happening in their life. There are many different ways that a client can respond to immediacy, such as building barriers in the relationship, having thoughts, feelings and reactions to what is being brought up and having mixed emotions about the counselor themselves. The purpose of immediacy is to be used when their needs to be a open discussion

  • Countertransference In Counseling

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    Being that I am a future counselor I understand that countertransference can lead to inappropriate affects to your clients. Countertransference is the therapist’s unconscious emotional responses when a client discusses a therapist’s unresolved issue (Corney, Corney & Callanan, 2011). The reaction the counselor has toward the client can be from his or her own thoughts and feelings, from the client themselves or events in the counselor’s own life. As a counselors, you should monitor your our feelings

  • Counseling Video Analysis

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    Introduction Interviewing and conducting counseling sessions are a very important skill to have when we are working with people who struggle with addiction problems. Each approach of interviewing is different and have different techniques, which makes it difficult some times. Watching other people conduct counseling sessions is a great tool to use, in order to see which techniques work as well as which ones do not work as well. For this assignment I will be watching three different videos, that will

  • The Need for Employee Counseling

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    The Need for Employee Counseling Employees are the most valuable asset the company has. Without employees the company is just bricks and walls and pieces of iron and steel. Employees are the ones that bring the place alive, they cause the activity and they are responsible for output. Though today all of us have been influenced by the age of information technology and automation, there is no company that can claim that it can make it on its own without employees. In fact today more than ever it

  • Counseling Session Reflection

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    The counseling experience with Marcel was challenging, flfilling and unique. Marcel at my first glance seemed like a timid, and quiet type of person. The way he walked into the room, his body language from his head hanging down, so immediately finding a spot on the couch seemed eager to finish the session quickly. The first session, the first impression is essential to me. The more information I retain in the session will be the normal questions such as his current mind frame of his interest levels

  • The Pros And Cons Of Counseling

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    as a counselor-in-training? Why? After reading the different studies, so many thoughts run through my mind. My main issues that concern me the most were: balancing a full- time job, the fast pace of learning the course material, and knowing that counseling is never a cut and dry matter. I have always been the type of person to think way ahead. Since the beginning of the course, I think about what it will be like after graduation and working as a mental health counselor. I worry about developing a

  • The Importance Of Career Counseling

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    lives of many people. According to BSU(2010), career counseling is defined as a process that will help an individual to know and to understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Thus, career counseling is delivered and available in a various number of forms to individuals all across the globe. It is available online, face to face, through mentoring, through formal guidance and counseling sessions as well as through voluntary organizations (e

  • Counseling Competency Scales

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    In this study, researchers wanted to develop a psychometrically sound instrument to assess counseling skills, dispositions, and behaviors. Counseling skills, dispositions, and behaviors are imperative to the counseling process. For instance, during the 1940’s, researchers assessed counseling skills by measuring the counselor’s verbal responses. During the 1970’s, counselors adopted Carl Rogers approach, facilitative conditions or what is currently known as Person-centered therapy (empathy, positive

  • Characteristics Of Professional Counseling

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    1.In your view, what is counseling and what purposes does it serve? Professional counseling has emerged as the descriptor for the treatment of interpersonal and intrapersonal issues within the U.S. culture (Hackney & Cormier, 2013). Counseling takes the form of individual and group counseling which tends to include both internal and relational concerns. The American Counseling Association or ACA defines professional counseling as the application of mental health psychological and systematic intervention

  • super career counseling

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    Self-concept Theory of Career Development - Donald Super Self-Concept- The outcome of complex interactions between 1. Physical growth and mental growth 2. Personal experiences 3. Environmental characteristics 4. Stimulation Career Development- A lifelong proactive journey that utilizes planning, development and implementation of vocational skills to reach career goals. Self-Concept Career Development, as described by Super, is ever changing growth process in and through five different developmental

  • Counseling Experience Analysis

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    Counseling Experience and Reaction Paper Have you ever been in a counseling session that involved discussing your problems? My first experience of a counseling session was this semester at the BOX clinic on campus. It was a tough experience because I felt that I was being forced to participate. The building rapport skills, session activities, communication/listening skills, and self awareness aspects all played apart in this experience. First, the building rapport skills were started at the intake

  • Pastoral Counseling Paper

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    Consecrated Counseling                                                           LaTonya K.Williams                    PSY340 Intro to Counseling 010U1                                                           October 13, 2017 Consecrated Counseling Christian counseling can be defined in many ways in society. I defined Christian counseling to be a helpful tool for many people that are having problems and issues in their life. Christian counseling is consider as the pastoral counseling that enables

  • Counseling Theory Summary

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    at their basic level. Understanding individuals at this level, particularly with personality allows counselors to effectively work with clients. Counseling theory addresses goals for counseling, primary emphases in counseling, the therapeutic relationship, the process of counseling, interventions, techniques, modalities, and assessment of the counseling process. Again, it is important to remember that each individual is unique, intricate, and resilient; however, individuals often have similarities

  • Advantages Of Family Counseling

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    Family counseling is an option for counselors to partake in, but there are some considerations to contemplate before delving into this work. Individual and family therapy each have their unique qualities. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of using family therapy to address concerns as well as the challenges of working with an entire family to gain more insight will help you become a qualified counselor. We will explore not only the experience needed to become a family therapist, but

  • Multicultural Counseling Paper

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    Whereas multicultural counseling competency is required across all counseling specialties, counselors gain knowledge, personal awareness, sensitivity, dispositions, and skills pertinent to being a culturally competent counselor in