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  • Laura Briggs' Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science, and U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico

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    Laura Briggs' Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science, and U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico In Reproducing Empire, Laura Briggs provides her readers with a very thorough history of the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rican discourses and its authors surrounding Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans, from Puerto Rico's formation in the mainland elite's "mind" as a model U.S. (not) colony in 1898* to its present status as semi-autonomous U.S. territory. Briggs opens her book by discussing the origins of globalization

  • Myers-Briggs Test

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    I have taken Myers-Briggs test several times in South Korea. This is because I wanted to know who I am and overcome myself. My childhood was very reserved from my father’s alcoholism, which made me shrunk with fear for my father. From this, my personality that had been formed was passive to have a relationship with other classmates. In addition, I had suffered a stage fright for a long time until graduating the graduate school in South Korea. It was not easy to overcome my introverted personality

  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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    Overview The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality test derived from Jungian concepts. Carl Jung included certain concepts of psychological attitudes, such as introversion versus extraversion, and psychological functions, such as intuition versus sensing and thinking versus feeling. The test produced results on my personality that I can agree with, but the lack of options was a downfall for me. However, the MBTI helped me understand certain concepts discussed in class because my results

  • Different Learning Styles: Exploring the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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    Learning Styles: Exploring the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Thesis: Students on a secondary level of education will learn more effectively if their MBTI have been assessed and accommodated to. All students process information differently. These differences can be explained using the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Students on a secondary level of education will learn more effectively if their MBTI have been assessed and accommodated to. The Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) is a type of

  • The James Briggs Personality Tests: The Myers Briggs Personality Test

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    The Myers Briggs personality test is a test that you take that will put in the category of one of the personalities. There are four points that help tell you personality. If you’re an introvert or extravert, if you use intuition or sensing, if you use thinking or feeling, and if you use judging or perceiving.The test asks questions that determines those traits. When I took my personality test I turned out to be a campaigner. A campaigner is very talkative, and do things that they want to do not what

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Essay

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    I’m Josh and the personality test I chose to take was the Myers-Briggs personality test. I identified myself as an ESTJ -T personality type through the website I looked at the results and was able to pick out certain traits the test said were common along with situations and behavoirs in my life. I found both strengths and weaknesses that showed in my life. Examining the ESTJ -T personality through strengths and weaknesses helped me learn more about my personality and self.

  • Myers and Briggs Personality Tests

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    Myers and Briggs Analysis The Myers and Briggs Analysis is a series of questions that when answered are examined and grouped together in order to determine the personalities of those taking this test. This particular test can result in sixteen different outcomes or types of personalities, which is determined by four different categories that judge if you are introverted or extroverted, use your senses or your intuition, your choice to think or use your feelings, and finally if you are judgmental

  • Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, and Cathy Briggs

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    Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, and Cathy Briggs is a break-out Young Adult first published September 12, 2006. A following of about 1000 members online of all ages and genders, it sold 6,000 copies in a meer 3 months of being published, and number 7 on the New York Times Best Seller list. And those are just the book's stats. Cathy herself is a very popular character with 1,200 friends on Myspace, 22 followers on Flickr, and 1,863 friends on Facebook. An impressive feat, considering

  • The Influence Of The Myers-Briggs Test

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    On the 15th of May, 3013 an article was featured in Fortune Magazine that was titled “Have we all been duped by the Myers-Briggs Test?” The Myers-Briggs Test or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment test created by Katherine Briggs & her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, based on psychologist Carl Jung’s type theory. Jung’s theory focused on the cognitive aspects of personality and classified people into types based on how they performed two functions: Taking in information

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Analysis

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    After taking the Myers-Briggs personality test; Cole got ESTJ, and I got ENFJ. According to the notes, since we both got Extrovert it would mean that we are not compatible in that section. However, our matching 6:4 score can tell otherwise. Unlike how I see him, he feels weary when he is forced to be social and is actually very focused. With the presence of his friends, his energetic side comes out and he starts talking a lot. I’ve known him for years and he can definitely talk so much to the point

  • Myers Briggs Test Analysis

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    The first personality test I took was the Myers Briggs Test where the results took me quite by surprise. The results stated that I was fifty eight percent extroverted, and forty-six percent introverted. In addition, the results said I was fifty-six percent intuitive, while I sensed fifty percent of the time. The test also found that I was seventy-one percent an individual who felt, and fifty percent a person who thought and last but not least, the results also said that I perceived fifty four percent

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment

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    The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is frequently used in the workplace as a growth tool for not only the employers, but also for the employees. Understanding ones individual personality type is essential to being a productive part of the workplace. In this paper I will discuss how the Type and Temperament my own personality is identified by allows me to be thoughtful and aware as I contribute to the success of my current work team. Each of the four letters carries a strength and weakness that is

  • Analysis Of Myers-Briggs Assessment

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    Myers-Briggs Assessment After taking the MBTI Assessment I do not agree with the results. My results showed that I had marginal or no preference of extraversion over introversion. Also, that I have moderate preference of intuition over sensing, moderate preference of feeling over thinking. And moderate preference of judging over perceiving. I did not understand the results regarding extraversion and introversion. I actually believe that I possess both qualities of attitudes. But if I had to choose

  • The Characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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    The Characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs in Willy Russell's Our Day Out On 28th December 1977, a play was televised on T.V for the first time. The play, called "Our Day Out", written by Willy Russell, was about a progress class going on a day out to Conwy Castle, in Wales. It focuses on two main characters, Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs, both teachers in an inner-city Liverpool school. Both of these characters are very different in image, behaviour and attitude to teaching. Mrs Kay is a teacher

  • Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment

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    Jung/Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment My four-letter assessment was ENFP; the percentages to my assessment were Extravert 3%, Intuitive 6%, Feeling 28%, and Perceiving 19%. I would describe my four letters as being someone who thinks before they act and very observant. I think one of the main things I learned about ENFP, is if something interest me, I am likely to care more about it and work hard. However, if it is a topic or activity I don’t like, there is a chance I won’t be involved with

  • Dichotomy: The Myers-Briggs Personality Test

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    This weekend, I decided to amuse myself and take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Rooted in Jungian psychological theory and developed by Isabel Briggs Myers, the exam seeks to find consistency and order in seemingly random human human behavior through a four part personality dichotomy. These dichotomies stem from the fundamental differences in how individuals perceive and interact the world around them as well as their “inner self,” thus corresponding to variations in passions, values, ideologies

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Essay

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    Test Name Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) I-Introduction The purpose of this test is to establish how the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a reliable predictor of treatment outcomes in substance abuse programs in correctional facilities.The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self-inventory assessment test. It is designed and equipped to primarily identify one’s personality type, strengths, and preferences. The well-established questionnaire was created and developed by Isabel Myers and

  • The Ways that Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay are Presented in Our Day Out by Willie Russell

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    The Ways that Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay are Presented in Our Day Out by Willie Russell Our Day out by Willie Russell is an energetic and humorous play, about a school trip to Conwy castle. The 'progress class', a class for illiterate children, are on a trip to Wales where the liberal Mrs Kay and the strict Mr Briggs have completely different ideas about the day should be organised. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs have two distinct

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Test Essay

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    In this experiment, boys and girls around ages 13-14 will be taking the Myers-briggs personality test, and will be given a survey. They will be asked about their personality type based on the four letters the Myers-briggs personality test gives them. They will also be asked their age, gender, movie/music preference and why they like those specific genres. At the end of the survey they will also be asked to

  • Analysis Of Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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    Overview of Myers-Briggs Personality Types People with extraverted sensing feeling judging (ESFJ) personalities are known to be hard workers who value being in charge. One of the biggest strengths for ESFJs is the ability to recognize problems and delegate to resolve them. They are also known to play hard and find joy in entertaining others. Generally speaking ESFJs “wear their hearts on their sleeves” and therefore are easily wounded and have a difficult time controlling their emotions. While