Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, and Cathy Briggs

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Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman, and Cathy Briggs is a break-out Young Adult first published September 12, 2006. A following of about 1000 members online of all ages and genders, it sold 6,000 copies in a meer 3 months of being published, and number 7 on the New York Times Best Seller list. And those are just the book's stats. Cathy herself is a very popular character with 1,200 friends on Myspace, 22 followers on Flickr, and 1,863 friends on Facebook. An impressive feat, considering she's a fictional character. After reading the book myself, I completely understand what all the hype is about. Cathy's book is a fully engrossing novel that blurs the lines between Young Adult genres and can definitely keep even the most hard-hearted of book critics distracted from their daily duties such as sleeping, eating, working, and the likes. In Cathy's Book, our main character (by the name of the book I think you can guess her name's Cathy) meets Victor, the romantic interest. He's quick witted, seemingly perfect, and he's an older guy (scandalous). Cathy and Victor's relationship doesn't exactly end on a happy not; after their final date, Cathy wakes up with a needle mark on her arm (and of course her mom thinks she's on drugs. Insert eye-roll and a grunt that sounds suspiciously like the word "moms") and a message from Victor saying "I'm breaking up with you and never want to see you again." Suspicious? Totally. Cathy, not being the type to cry and let it go s̶n̶o̶o̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ investigating at Victor's house(the door was open so it's not technically Breaking and Entering, it's just entering), and gets herself caught up in a fast-paced mystery including murder, kidnapping, fake cops, real cops, and suspected drug dealers (I di... ... middle of paper ... ...nd read something like Fallen or Twilight. But if you're looking for a fantastic, addicting diary with a super fun and mysterious plot, characters you wish were real (and they could be with how realistic they were), and gorgeous doodles and pictures on every page, then pick up Cathy's Book and don't put it down until you're finished. And then possibly read it again. Works Cited Stewart, Sean, Jordan Weisman, and Briggs, Cathy. Cathy's Book: If Found Call (650) 266-8233. Running Press, 2006. Print. . . N.p.. Web. 12 Jan 2014. . N.p.. Web. 12 Jan 2014. . "'Cath'ys Book' Hits Movie Screens." Publishers Weekly. N.p., 13 Nov 2006. Web. 12 Jan 2014. .

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